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Spotlight Business: Transform with Toni

Updated: Aug 3, 2022

In 2019, I started to do branding photos for an incredible couple, Jeremiah and Mallory Campbell and was quickly introduced to their powerful mindsets and workshops they dived into, and later, they started teaching those things to other people.

I knew this wasn't their first time in the whole personal development world (you can tell- #powercouple), and seeing their evolution over only 2 years was/is SO intriguing.

So, fast forward to October 2021. Mallory was hosting a weekend retreat for her previous Level Up VIP rounds (after watching from the sidelines for a year, I was called to join her Fall round, and knew that the growth and possibilities that would come to me from it would be evergreen).

On Saturday, we had a wonderful dinner, and then collectively played a game diving into those deep deep conversations you only have with your best friends (after all, we were all growing together throughout the weekend, so these ladies feel more like sisters at this point).

I had to admit, when I first met Toni on that weekend, I was a little intimidated. Here is this incredible go-getter female entrepreneur who not only is a personal trainer, but also trains and competes in body building, and totally wins achievements for it. She is beautiful and strong, and everyone in the group had a personal relationship with her (except me at that first meeting point). I knew I wanted to get to know her, but was a little scared to approach her- I know that sounds ridiculous, but it is the truth. When dealing with someone who is SO amazing, it can feel a little like star-shock.

IN COMES THE UNIVERSE- Toni + I are matched up for the game, and we connected on so many things- all different aspects of our lives, and that's where THIS story really began.

After that weekend, we stayed close through the Level Up Collective, and followed one another's story on Instagram, always supporting and liking each other's posts. The more I got to learn about Toni through socials, the more I felt connected to her, and knew just how badass she is, but also how loving and caring she is, too!

Once before, I had interviewed female entrepreneurs, and I absolutely loved it. So I had the vision came to me during meditation one day- "Do the interviews again, but with your Level up girls- you'll learn so much and get so much more out of each interview than just a blog story.

I opened up my schedule for the interviews, and of course, Toni hopped on as my first interview- oh so good!

Listen below of our interview we had together. This woman is on FIRE and has a clear vision of what she is called to do. She is someone you will always want in your corner, someone who understands how to become your best version, and will push you to your greatest potential.

I am forever grateful for you, Toni! I am humbled at all the beautiful work you have already done in the world, and cannot wait to continue to see all that you have set before you in the future. Thank you for connecting with me and becoming a friend instantly. You are a gem and I value you so much!

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