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When did you get into photography?

I was always the kid with a camera growing up, and I followed that passion into college. I graduated with my degree in Photography in 2013, and have been shooting weddings, senior shoots, commercial, and product photography ever since!


On average, how much are weddings?

Wedding prices start at $2,900. On average, couples spend $3,900 depending on their coverage needs, how many photographers they want, what makes most sense for their timeline, and so forth. Best way to get an accurate price is to contact me. The consult is always free with no strings attached.


Do you photograph the LGBTQ+ community?

1000000% yes. I am an ally to the LGBTQ+ community and believe no matter how you look at it, love is love- that's that. I truly honor how brave and authentic this community is, and honestly, it is sickening that people are turned away by closed minded people for something that is just love. That is not me. I stand by you, I honor you, and yes of course, I'll photograph you.


What happens after we book you for our wedding?

Once your $500 1st payment is made, we will book your engagement shoot! I also invite you to SamePage, the place where you can send me inspiration, ask questions throughout planning, make your family role call list, read helpful tips for your wedding day, and I can help you with your timeline. I kind of am more than your photographer, I am your helping hand.


How long do edits take?

Edits are done by yours truly, and I promise, I am itching to see the final product as much as you are! For lifestyle + branding shoots, the edits take 2-3 weeks. For weddings, the edits take 4-8 weeks. If the schedule allows, of course these times could be much shorter!


Do you have your own studio?

Currently, we are mainly freelance. I feel like this works the absolute best for my clients because we get to choose our environment for your shoot. This also allows me to travel to your home for newborn shoots which will ultimately be the most comfortable for your baby. However, we do see a pretty awesome natural indoor/outdoor studio in our near future.


Do you take product photography clients?

Yes! Absolutely. Product photography is a lifeline for many small businesses to show off their incredible offerings to the world! Fun fact: one of my very first paid shoots (back in 2012) was a product shoot! You can see example photos of our most recent product shoots here.


How often do you hold mini shoots?

Mini's are booked every month, alternating between brand sessions and lifestyle sessions. However, in the fall time we host 5-6 Holiday Mini Sessions between October and beginning of December to help families get their holiday photoshoots done before the chaos.


What kind of camera do you use?

I am a huge Nikon fan! Honestly, the Nikon-Canon debate is a long standing one, and they both have incredible quality. I just love Nikon more because if I upgrade my camera body, I can still use the lenses I already own. With Canon, each camera bady has specific lenses you need to use with it.

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