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W e d d i n g  P H O T O G R A P H y

For the open hearted

and  adventurous

A bride is facing out a window turns over her shoulder to wave at a guest.
A wedding bouquet and pair of shoes.
The first look between two people on their wedding day
The first look between a bride and groom on their wedding day.

Your Story.

Told by heart-centered photographers

The first kiss between husband and wife on their wedding day during the ceremony.
A wedding party throwing the groom up into the air. The bride is to the left being held by her bridesmaids in shock.
A bride being framed in the doorway beautifully.
A groom showing off his suspenders while getting ready.
The bridal party dancing and clapping.

When it comes to picking your wedding photographer, there's a few things you need to make sure sit well in your soul before moving forward. After all, this is the person you are picking to spend your most important day with, the person who is telling your love through imagery you will cherish for the rest of your life, and someone who needs to know how to roll with the punches if (and when) things come up on your wedding day. It goes without saying, your photog will be your new best friend,

So allow me to introduce myself-

It Clicks Photo owner and lead photographer, Erika Stewart, laughing at the camera while sitting on a blue chair.

I'm Erika, owner and lead photographer at It Clicks Photo. I started It Clicks in 2013 after earning my degree in photography- meaning- difficult lighting situations? I got you. Want something more artsy? Let's F*kin go!

I honestly believe I was born to be in the wedding world.

sun sign: Sagittarius- fun, optimistic, spreads light

moon sign: Cancer- deeply loyal, loves time with their people (that's you)

rising sign; Capricorn- quick to problem solve, organized, detail oriented.

enneagram 2: Friendly, generous + sincere.

Over the past 10 years of shooting weddings, and being a success story of our DIY wedding, I know how crucial it is to have an experienced team on your side. With every wedding, I find it is super important to have two photographers covering your day. Now, this is not to say you can't get away with just one, however- having a second photographer grabs the in-between moments that may have been missed- giving you the candids we all adore dearly.

Sara, my right hand lady, is always there beside me.

Sara started photographing weddings with me in 2017, and we haven't looked back. I love watching her grow as a photographer, and see her unique perspective throughout the day. She is the best associate photographer a girl could ask for, and together, we make a dream team.

sun sign: Virgo- Practical, Sensible, and loyal

moon sign: aries- passionate + independent

rising sign; libra- a joy to be around, caring, and charming.

It Clicks Photo associate photographer, Sara Bieth laughing at the camera with a green background.
A bride and groom walking away from the camera at The Old Club on their September wedding day.
A Rhode Island couple touching noses and smiling at each other under their veil.
A Detroit couple kissing in front of their vintage car on their wedding day.
A bride and groom going in for a kiss at Providence, RI.
Newlyweds walking towards the camera holding hands on their October wedding day.

We love working with couples who are like us.

A boutineer inside of a floral envelop.
A couple smiling at each other on their wedding day.
A gorgeous reception table set up for a summer wedding at Planterra.

Couples who are easy going, love adventures, are creative and experience little hidden treasures in day to day life. Couples who love a good sunset, going out dancing, and catching a late night drink.

We love learning about you and your partner- what is your ideal date night, how did you two fall in love? We want to know those details because they matter not only for us to fully understand and step into the energy of your relationship, but also to bring those elements to life in your sessions.

So whether you met on a blind date (like my hubby and I) or started out as friends, we want to know that. Every single relationship we have had the honor of capturing is different than the rest, and that is so wildly beautiful.

Not only that, but from the details you give us, we are able to make some real, authentic date night experiences for you when it's time for your engagement shoot.


- blanket forts + movie nights

- painting sessions + dancing in PJs

- carnival nights + fireworks

- coffee dates + downtown gems

- bike rides + thrift shopping

These aren't your average engagement photos- they will mean so much more and leave you buzzing waiting for the photos.

A bride looking at her bride with one hand on her tuxedo jacket.
A bride under vines of wisteria on her wedding day.

Currently, we are booking 2025 weddings + elopements.

What our couples are saying...

A couple eating taco bell on their wedding day.

Hayley + Curtis

Erika is a sweetheart and genuinely cares about her clients. Both her and Sara made our day so much fun. Our wedding was outdoors in October. All our pictures have STUNNING colors. She had a plan for our wedding as far as where we were going and what we were doing. Erika was flexible between changing COVID plans and fun ideas we had. My husband and I love Taco Bell and wanted to take pictures there. My MOH also surprise iced the groomsmen and Erika and Sara were on board for all our shenanigans.  We just got our pictures back and I spend a couple hours a day looking at them. I love them so much!!! Erika and Sarah are so professional and great at what they do. We loved spending time with them. They are amazing women and even better photographers. If you want stunning photos and a fun time on your wedding day, hire Erika!!

How to get started

It's really quite simple. Head over to contact page and fill out the questionnaire with your wedding date. From there, I will let you know if your date is still open and available. Even if it is not, I will email you to let you know, and send over a few other photographers I love and trust to check out.

I always love starting your photography journey with a free consult VIA Zoom, Facetime, or phone call. I find this easiest for you to ask all your questions, and for us to catch a vibe of one another <-- like I mentioned before, it's a super important step to make sure we mesh well.

A man lifting his partner in the air during sunset at The Z Lot in Detroit.
An engaged couple press their faces together and look at the camera at Comerica Park.

What other wedding festivities do you do?

Tons of things!

Engagement Parties, Wedding Showers, Bachelorette Parties, Rehearsal dinner, and boudoir shoots. These are all listed on that guide as well so you have an idea on the pricing for that.

An engaged couple kissing ontop of the Z lot in Detroit.

What is the starting price for weddings?

Weddings start at $2,900 which includes  two photographers. Once you send in your contact form, I include in the email back to you our guide with the most commonly asked for services and coverage times.

With that being said, we are totally aware (and love) that each wedding is different from one another and the coverage you need may vary from what is already listed. In that instance, we are always available to customize our coverage and pricing for you.

An engaged couple at Comerica park. The guy is giving the girl a piggyback ride.
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