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Weddings, am I right?! The wonderful whims of planning a dream event,

the extreme highs of talking about marrying your fiance, the dreaded

searching for vendors-yuck! I've been there and definitely done that.

It can be CONFUSING trying to find someone who not only

you trust, but somebody's work you adore. Not to mention,

your photographer is with you all day on your most important

day. You most certainly wouldn't want to pick someone you

can't stand to be around REGARDLESS of their work.

Alright, before we go any further, let's cut to the chase- I'm not

going to be everyone's cup of tea- some people like smoky Earl

Grey tea, where others like dramatic Black tea. But me, my friends

I would consider myself more of a flavorful Chai tea with a shot

of espresso. And if that isn't for you, then no hard feelings! I can be a

little over the top with optimism, and might be too relaxing because 

our schedules have buffer time so we aren't chasing minutes. Sorry, not sorry. That's just me :)

I've been photographing weddings for eight years now, and I've seen it all go down- but I got your back! I won't let you down! It's going to rain the day of at the exact time we scheduled outdoor candids? No worries, I'll call the closest greenhouse as back-up. Your dress is fitting weird and the bustle won't stay- I got you! I used to work in a bridal boutique.

I love adding a little flare to your day, too. I'm going to bring sparklers,  colored smoke bombs, lighting for night photos, champagne to pop, etc because you deserve to CELEBRATE your day even behind the scenes!

During our shoot, I'm going to have you spin, jump, swing, dip, and a whole bunch of other things.

Why? Because movement and laughter is everything.

I want to create those authentic photos for you so you can remember just how fun your wedding day was.

To give you an idea on pricing, click on the butterfly to see a quick comparison of my 4 most popular requests, starting at $1,999. Of course, if none of those fit your needs, or your price range is looking a little different, message me anyways. There are a few things I can do to make sure we can still work together!

pricing ^

Okay, so you might be thinking,

"Erika, you sound awesome. What do we do from here?"

Well, my lovely little ladybug (or manbug- but that doesn't sound as cute) Fill out the form below! I want to learn all about you and your love- your likes, dislikes, how you met, the proposal, etc etc.

I don't care if you're having a wedding with two brides, two grooms, or a bride and groom. Love is love in my book, and you should be celebrated!

Your personal love story-  I live on that stuff. It's just so incredible to me how the universe works, and how two souls end up finding each other

OKAY ENOUGH SAP! I can't be crying alreaddddyyy

Wedding Questionnaire
So Friendly & so good!

Erika put myself and my husband at ease with every phone call and the day of our wedding, and captured the most incredible pictures we could have ever hoped for! When we had to change her timing for the day a week out, it wasn't an issue at all, and with on and off rain and cold wind she made sure to work around the weather and find amazing places indoors and out for us to take all our pictures. Her and her assistant Sara so obviously love what they're doing, and we were so lucky to have them with us on our special day. I can't recommend Erika and It Clicks enough!

Kristina Bronstein - Real Bride Nov 2nd, 2019

Amazing! Best person and photographer ever!

It Clicks and Erika with her amazing assistant Sara were perfect for our wedding!!! We seriously can not thank you enough!! She made sure that everything ran smoothly and that I had no stress at all even when I knew we were running late she just kept saying "we've got plenty of time." Her creativity shows through her photos and interaction with every guest!! I have been to plenty of weddings and have seen photographers stick out like sore thumbs. NOT Erika!! Her and Sara were pure NINJAS!!

Alyssa Phelps- Real Bride Sept 27th, 2019

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