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Small biz services


This little menu can take you to the section you want to go. Here is a little glossary for you if you're not entirely sure what you want to learn about:

Branding: Your outward brand- think "the new headshots." Great for content on your socials and website to tell your clients about you and your biz, the values you hold and vibe you put out.

Commercial: Your products, your team, and your brick and mortar place. This oftentimes is mixed up with branding, but these images are used mostly for websites and e-commerce shops.

Retreat: Your commercial event coverage during the retreat you are hosting. This is the perfect coverage for someone who plans on doing more retreats in the future and wants real images of what the BTS looks like. This is also a nice little add-on for your guests if your retreat is business centered.

Brand Photography


Branding, now-a-days, is so much more than just strong visual colors and type.

It is all about you, and your client wants to dive in what makes you tick and what your purpose is as a business (we can all thank social media for that).

I'm kidding! It's actually a beautiful thing if you think about it- it separates the people who are in business for the wrong reasons from the ones who have their heart and soul in all that they do.

Our connection to our clients is deeper than you may think.

Dena (pictured above) is a holistic nurse who helps her clients become the healthiest version of themselves with the combination of traditional medicine, diet, meditation, and exercise. When brainstorming her branding shoot, we wanted to make sure we covered all the bases so she can properly inform her clients of all she does and all it stands for so they know the inner workings of why these things matter, and why they should care about it, too.

These are all things we would not be able to acheive via imagery with just a headshot.

We create a series of photos that tell a story, and allow your audience to understand at first glance your core values, and what exactly you are all about.

investments for branding photos

1 hour Brand shoot

-Preparation phone call to go over our goal for the shoot, props, and outfits

-Unlimited edits back

-1 week editing turnaround

-5 retouching images included.


Commercial Photography


Buzz words:
Interior photography
Exterior photography
Product photography
Headshot sessions
Team Photos


Commercial photography is all about telling your community and/or clients what you do. This kind of shoot is mainly used for websites, magazine articles, and e-commerce. We love diving in and being able to help small businesses around Michigan relay their story authentically, and show off their hard work.

I love holding consults with my commercial clients to see what their main objective is, and if we need to bring in models, I have that covered for you.

For The Wedding Shoppe,

our main goal was to bring back true to color imagery to their site and socials. They wanted everything to feel warm, friendly, and celebratory. They also wanted the models to be body inclusive, and change how the wedding industry views gown models. On top of that all, they wanted to show off their beautiful lobby and wedding suites so their brides would know exactly what their appointment would look and feel like.

Most of the shoots were done on location for The Wedding Shoppe, however we did collaborate with other industry professionals, and have styled shoots for their higher end gowns to really shine. These were completely coordinated by me, allowed TWS to cross-promote with people who directly work with their ideal clients, and grow their presence on social media tremendously.

investments for commercial shoots

Commercial shoots are completely custom, and really depends on the coverage and the work you need done. For example, we worked with TWS for an entire year, whereas there are times an hour shoot will suffice. Luckily, getting a quote is super easy. Click on the Inquire box, and we will have a free consult to dive into what your imagery needs look like. From there, I will send you a quote for the work to be done.

Retreat Photography


If you've ever been on a retreat, you know all about the excitement of signing up, the nerves before you leave, and the overjoyed upon arriving. It is a whole whirlwind of emotions, and the initial purchase is totally a personal investing and nerve shaking moment.

That's where photography can hold your clients steady knowing exactly what to expect.


We literally have all been there where something sounds too good to be true and then we doubt it, and think we might be getting scammed. When you have your retreat covered, the photos you receive back will smash any doubts your clients will have by seeing you in the photos with some familiar faces in the photos. It takes the fear and puts it away so they can be left with excitement and certainty that Hey- you're the real deal and this IS the retreat they've been looking for.

Retreat photography can:

  • Create content for you to share a recap about the event

  • Help you sell your next retreat pretty dang easily

  • Show your clients what other kinds of people attend

  • Put photos to words (who likes reading anymore anyways?) ... says the girl who is literally in a book club, haha!

  • Can offer a new headshot or a feel-good shoot to your attendees

  • Have quality photos so you don't have to think about it yourself

  • Gain so much coverage you are able to share about the experience seamlessly

  • Shareable content you can share with your retreat team (so they can cross-promote you. That's a mega win-win)

It is literally tools in your tool box

Honestly, not having retreat coverage is just silly. You now not only have to host an event and be available for your clients to ask you questions throughout the duration of it, but also have to remind yourself to take the photos you need for the  next one, or the videos you need to promote yourself or remember to take photos of your set-up before anyone touches it.

It's a LOTTT to run a retreat. Don't do it alone. If you want it to be utterly successful, you need people who care to help in your corner.

That's us. We know just how important and life changing these events are.

Let your message come out

Let yourself step into your roll and be your higher self- the one who craves to pass along your knowledge, and do it all knowing when you go home, you didn't miss a single moment because you were IN the moment. It's a game changer knowing what you wanted to capture and take home to share about your incredible event you worked so damn hard for is all photographed and ready for you to amplify your message. THAT is why it's so important.

The real kicker here- your attendees will also have access to their own link for the photos of the retreat. If you decide to add the individual photos for each person, they will share this on their socials, and sometimes it is followed by a true honest statement on how much they loved their experience.

Now this means your mission and your retreat is being shared with people who are in the same circle as your ideal client.

That's free advertising for the big changes and impact you made in their lives in just 3-4 days. This gets other people excited, and now you have more people flooding your site and socials for the next one- which then you can showcase similar photos, and that same expansive vibe.

In my eyes, it's a no brainer- this is an absolute must if you're hosting a retreat. It is all about the connection from beginning to start, and we are here to help every step.

Create that lasting connection.


Retreat Photography

Retreat coverage varies from person to person, and the pricing depends on a few key factors: duration of retreat, how many events you'd like covered, if you want to include time for your attendees to have a photo session themselves, and the destination. The best way to get a quote is to have a conversation with me, and for us to brainstorm what makes most sense.

What people are saying...


Mallory C. - Retreat + Brand

"It's a 10/10 experience every time. If you’re looking for an unforgettable, well-organized, and creative shoot- Erika is your girl! She takes all of the guesswork out of planning for your photoshoot- every detail is carefully thought through from outfit planning to location to parking and timeline.”

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