Hey! You made it!

Alright, I'll try and make this short and sweet- but no promises.

I'm Erika Stewart, (formerly Erika Richardson) and I love dad jokes.

I am the owner, creator, lead photographer, creative director, website designer, etc. etc. etc. of It Clicks Photo

I married my wonderful husband, Trevor on June 30th, 2018 on our 2 year anniversary. We love music, festivals, camping, dancing, cooking, planting succulents, and our corgi dog- Onyx.

I earned my photography degree at Grand Valley State University, but have always been photographing since the age of 3. I always stole my parent's Polaroid Instamatic camera, and used all their film (I'm sure they were "happy" back then about it... WHOOPS!).

Graduating from High School, I applied to GVSU for Radiology purely to make my parents happy it was in the health field- still image taking- but in a different way.

Before leaving for college, I had a crazy vivid daydream of looking through film negatives, marking which frames I wanted to keep, and eating a plate of cookies (if cookies weren't involved, I'm not sure I'd remember it so wildly-- but then again, here we are!)

So,after my first semester of radiology classes, I built up my courage and told my parents I was following my truest dream- PHOTOGRAPHY. You can imagine their excitement- radiology daughter turned to photographer.

Regardless, my mom told me to make her proud. So I am on this constant, amazing journey that has brought nothing but PURE JOY to my life (and my parents life, of course).

Capturing the happiest of moments in my client's life is literally my bread and butter. I'm a people person- I love stories, I love unique events, I love.. love <3

Okay, so your turn!
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