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What's happening?! I'm Erika Stewart, owner and lead photographer of It Clicks Photo. Upon graduating with my BA degree in Photography at GVSU in 2013, I started looking for office jobs to do during the day while building my business

and learning more about being successful.

Luckily, I landed a job at The Wedding

Shoppe where I sold wedding gowns,

and met some of my best friends,

Codi, Haley and Katie. TWS is

where my dreams started to

really develop. I would hear

about these wonderful events

being put together, and I wanted

to see the details and help the

brides on their day. I got into

wedding photography this way,

starting with friends and family.

In 2015, my friend from college called

me to see if I would shoot her wedding

that October. Little did I know her

fiance's best man would later be my

husband. They set us up on a blind date 4 months

before their wedding, and we hit it off! (If you want to hear more about that, I'd gladly tell you all about it!) From weddings of friends and family, it expanded to friends of friends, and soon enough it became complete strangers- growth in business is a beautiful thing!

The more weddings I photographed, the more I fell in love with the detail pictures of the rings, flowers, and jewelry, the directing and flow for imagery, and capturing love stories. I loved it all so much, I started taking photos for

TWS in 2016 for their social media

and website to help them tell their

own personal "love" story (with their business). This moved to doing

fashion shoots for the company

whenever arrivals of new dresses

came in. I really owe a lot of my own success, learning and community love to The Wedding Shoppe. 

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The seamless back drops used at It Clicks Photo is made from 75% recycled paper

Wedding Albums from It Clicks are made by Artifact Uprising- who uses reclaimed materials

Most props in shoots are from local goodwills and vintage shops

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We are setting an example for our future. Read about It Clicks Mission here

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