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Some of our favorite...

Engagement Sessions

Why we love...

these engagement sessions

Through my inner self-development work, I have really realized that the relationships we choose are healing to our souls. And when it comes to the relationship you have with your S/O- it's even more so that tender care.

With your engagement shoot, we get to focus on your relationship and the things you love to do together- ya know, the stuff that makes your heart happy and your cheeks hurt from smiling.

It gives us a chance to feel what your relationship is like, and channel it for your wedding day.

It gives you a chance to feel what it's like to work with us, and connect deeper to your partner.

These shoots are kinnnnnnnnd of a big deal.

How do we plan this?

When we have that initial consult to catch each other's vibe, and if we are feeling good, We will mark down a date in our calendars for a potential engagement shoot.

This will be concrete-booked once the 1st payment for your wedding is paid, or if you're looking to just book the engagement shoot, when your contract is signed and retainer is paid.

I send you a little questionnaire about what you and your partner like to do. This will also ask questions about your favorite things you did as a kid- like baking, riding bikes, movie nights, playing in the woods- so on and so forth.

From our first conversation and your questionnaire, I am going to make you a super custom engagement shoot of your favorite things.

Everything will be mapped out to a "T"- parking, locations, times, etc.

You totally and completely are able to tell me about any changes that feel right to you, and we will adjust!

If you need help picking outfits, or have questions about the shoot, those are more than welcome as well. We are here to help you have the best shoot AND best night out with your honey.


Commonly asked questions...

"Can I bring my dog?"

The answer will always be YES! Fur babies are family, and if you want to include them in your engagement shoot- by all means, bring them!

"I already have
an idea...

... for my shoot. Can we do it?"

Of course! If you envisioned the perfect shoot location and activities, we can certainly run with it!

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