At It Clicks, we believe in ...

 Living Free


free to love whomever

free to be who you were born to be

free to do what is your passion

With us, you will feel

free to collaborate on ideas

free to express yourself

(without holding back)

and free to ask questions


NO two clients are the same and their needs are different from one another- and THAT is wildly beautiful to us.

I am not sure whether or not I am your photographer, but there's only one way to find out.

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The 10 freeing truths about

Erika Stewart

Owner + Lead @ It Clicks Photo

We bought a travel trailer (named Jolene) and are currently renovating it to explore the US in the upcoming year(s). Take off date is May 20th, 2021

My favorite color is yellow and favorite flower is a daisy

I was born on December 4th in Michigan. I am a Sagittarius

Yes, I do get camera shy and therefore prefer to be behind it. But for the sake of photo, I need to get my face out there on IG- so I may drag my feet to get my own photo done, but once I'm in it, I'm in it and it's not THAT bad.

My DJ name is Biscotti, and my hubby and I will play back to back on the decks (his DJ name is Coffeebeans)

Diamonds or Gemstones? GEMSTONES. My wedding ring is an amethyst with Australian opals and I feel like a mermaid every day. Life is GOOD.

We listen to a lot of house, techno, and funky disco music at home. I am always ready for an impromptu dance party

Certainly I am a dreamer. And I journal those dreams daily. I start my morning with affirmations and meditation. It's the best.

I have a plant problem. No, really. I have a problem. I will buy a new plant if I'm in Home Depot and I happen to be great at keeping them alive so my house looks like a jungle.

Yes, ice cream is considered a food group to me, and it happens to be my favorite.

Wedding Albums from It Clicks are made by Artifact Uprising- who use reclaimed materials

The seamless back drops used at It Clicks Photo is made from 75% recycled paper

Most props in shoots are from local goodwills and vintage shops

Head to and change your charity to Environment Michigan Research & Policy Center to help clean our great lakes



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