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Family of 5 standing on a bridge with a sunset behind them.

"It takes very little

to be very happy."

Honestly, how we shoot is not your traditional family photos.

And that is because I love to get the wildly fun, imaginative, and candid moments of your kids and your family.

A mom holding her youngest son while looking at her two older boys with a dandelion behind her ear.
A family of 5 sitting on a bench together. Behind them is the sunsetting and a stream.
A family of 5 sitting on a bench together. Behind them is the sunsetting and a stream.

(So, if you're into that kind of imagery, you've come to the right place.)

We like to let your kiddos run around, play tag, and pick flowers for mom, and make every frame look like something from a folktale.

A mom and her baby sitting on a blanket under a tree with fall leafs on the ground around them.
a family of 5 walking away from the camera on a leaf covered path in the fall time
A mom and dad walking in leafs towards the camera.
Two younger boys running away from the camera on a bridge during the fall time at sunset.
A family of 5 looking out to a field.

Currently. we have three different types of lifestyle shoots

The first option is a shoot like this one:

(everything from these two photos + above > )

These are planned completely with you and your family in mind, whether it is 2 people or 15 people. These shoots are completely custom- date. time, duration, unlimited edits back, so on and so forth.

Every shoot like this one varies in price depending on how many people will be in the photos. However, a typical family of 5 for an hour shoot will be around $315 for their session.

Lifestyle Sessions

Second option for the
budget savvy

Lifestyle Mini Sessions

a family of 5 linking arms looking at each other laughing.
A couple about to kiss underneath a fall tree.
A family of five standing in front of a white house.
Three older kids swinging on a tree swing on a fall day in Michigan.

Lifestyle mini sessions take place at various times during the year. Typically, we have a date booked specifically for our clients every other month to get updated photos of their kiddos for birthdays, milestones, or just because they're the best kids, and you deserve all the photos you can.

In the fall, we pick 4-5 dates for the holiday mini sessions to occur and offer them to our community FIRST before going public.

How to be a part of the community? Crazy easy- subscribe to our newsletter, or become a part of our Facebook Page It Clicks Clique

These sessions are quick, 15 minute spots at a discounted rate. Typically, the first holiday mini's open up in mid-October, and the last one is in the beginning of December.

A couple holding hands on a nice fall day in Michigan.

With these sessions, there is a cap on how many edits you will receive back.

We know typically these sessions work best for busy parents who need to make birthday cards, holiday cards or likewise, so turn around on their images is about 1 week.

Two young boys playing with fall leafs in a field.
A family of four walking in a fall leaf field.
A baby looking over his moms shoulder and his dad's arm is around the mom.
A baby standing on a white blanket on a fall evening.

Reserving your session is simple.

A young family of 3 laughing together.

When the dates open up, all you have to do is let us know what location and time you'd like. If open, we will email you an contract agreement VIA Honeybook. Once your retainer is paid, your photo session is booked! The remaining balance will not be due until the week of the shoot.

A young family of 3 shaking presents during Christmas time.
A toddler girl smiling at the camera with a present next to her.
A mom and her daughter dancing in their living room.
A dad and his daughter dancing near their christmas tree.

third option is great to capture your baby's milestones

A couple and their newborn baby in their bedroom.

Grow with me Package

Grow with me (GWM) is the perfect option for a family who is expecting a new little bundle of joy! It covers all the milestones parents love to document as their baby grows

A newborn nursery all decorated.
A newborn baby holding his mom's hand while being cradled by his other mom.

The way it works:


The GWM package includes 3 mini sessions to cover 3 months, 6 months, and 9 month photos. Also included in one 1 hour in-home session perfect for a maternity shoot, lifestyle newborn shoot, or 1 year old photo shoot. This package is $900 (separately booked, it would be $1,164)

You can also add one of the 1 hour shoots to your package for $250 (originally $315).

At the end of our GWMP time, I will put together a memory book for you of your little, and their growing journey to keep for the years to come.

Two moms looking at their sleeping newborn baby boy.



How quick do the mini's sell out?

They go pretty quick, honestly. In 2022, we were sold out on 2/3 mini's we hosted. Jump on the shoot that calls out to you most when you see it, because it has happened quite a few times where families missed their opening they wanted.


Do you do maternity and/or newborn photos?

I absolutely offer maternity shoots to everyone no matter if we have worked together in the past or not. Newborn sessions, however, are only reserved for my previous clients/couples, or the GWMP. (And honestly, being a previous client is as simple as booking an announcement or maternity shoot).


Do you photograph milestone birthdays/ cake smashes?

Absolutely!! There's nothing better than a baby covered in cake and celebrating their birthday! With these shoots, I will come to you and set up studio in your home. This helps because your child will be more comfortable, you don't have to rush anywhere + cause unnecessary stress, and once the smash is done, little one can go straight to the tub.


How do the GWM families book their 3 month, 6 month, and 9 month sessions?

Once the dates are booked for the studio, they are given to you first. You can then pick which session works best for you, or if you're going to wait until the next month to book. Once I hear back from all my GWM families, the dates are then released to  our subscribers, then to the public. You will alwyas have first pick.


Can someone gift me the GWM package? Can I put it on my registry?

Absolutely! You can head to the store on our site to locate photo shoot gift cards. With some registries, like Babylist, you can add any URL link as a gift idea. You can also put on some registries group gift ideas and put the total amount. From there, you can take what the group has contributed and just go through the steps like normal for booking.


Do you offer mini's in the summertime?

Yes! You will be able to find what mini shoots are coming up VIA our Facebook group, newsletter, or waiting for the date to be released to the public. Joining the FB group or newsletter is preferred being the dates open up first to our GWM families, then to our subscribers.

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