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Snow day in Detroit

Updated: Feb 25, 2022

The calm peacefulness of a fluffy snowfall is something I absolutely love, and try to take advantage of every time it happens!

I was waiting for my flight back to Detroit from Miami, and I had yet again checked the weather forecast to see if we were going to be getting a good snow soon, or if we were going to have another freezing cold, snowless winter (insert eyeroll here).

I wanted that forecast so bad because months back, I had a vision of a shoot for my friend (and total badass woman) Mallory to encompass a super ethereal shoot. She is the owner of Level Up, I was in her winter round of 2021, and I wanted to say "thank you" somehow- this shoot was the perfect way!

Okay, so there I am, sitting by the window in Miami feeling the heat of the sun looking for snow to happen in Michigan, and I see it's coming- on Monday- I had 6 days. I texted Mallory on the spot and asked if she was available then. She was!! So we planned for an impromptu shoot.

I may be a little biased and say these turned out WAY BETTER than I could of imagined, but you can be the judge of that :)

Here are the results!

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