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Project: Closet hack for V-day

Ahh, the beloved Hallmark holiday, Valentine's day is only a week away and it is not only for "the lovers" like it traditionally was made. In fact, I have even read about "Male-ntines" day becoming a thing for the boys to take part in the holiday, even if they don't have a special someone. I actually looove this idea, especially since Trevor has become mighty jealous of my Galentine's day plans and how we get to dress up, brunch, and celebrate!

But I digress, and this one is for my girls out there.

Whether you are dressing up or dressing down for Valentine's or Galentine's (or both) day this year, this guide may help you find new combinations in your closet, or inspire you to shake-up your go-to faves. Not only will this bring a little spice to your tried and true pieces, but it puts a couple of bucks back in your pocket.

Start with your basics:

I like to start with what I'm feeling that day; a maxi skirt, a dress, or pants? Figure out what feels right for your little par-tay and go with your heart.

Not very often I get to dress up (hello editing computer- queue sweats and slippers) so I like to go with something I can't really- or choose not to- wear that often.

I am a huge fan of bold colors + pairing pink with red, so if you see something in your closet that is a little "out" there and bold, I dare you to make something with it!

Mix it up!

Now that you have your base, pull out anything and everything that would make an interesting combo? Rule of thumb, if you have one print and want to pair another, mismatching print with it, make sure one is super small print and the other is big print.

When it comes to colors, don't be afraid to push the envelope a little! There's something about pairing red + pink that screams LOVE to me, and I can't lie, it's probably one of my favorite color combinations.

No matter what, stick with your choices and build onto it. If you ever feel like something is just not working, switch it out and try again.


Lastly, accessorize! Sometimes, less is more if you have a busy outfit. Other times, turning up the dial is necessary! Regardless of where you fall, try out some things and see what speaks to you!

Lately, I have been belting my skirts for work, or bringing a button-up to tie around my waist for just a little added "something." Give it a shot and see what you think!

Sometimes, all you need is a nice leather jacket to pull it all together- whatever it may look like to you, wear it, and wear it proud!

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