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Prepare for the "Best Day Ever" with these 6 tips

This one is for all the brides and grooms out there, and let's all just say it out loud- Oh my goodness, you are engaged and going to be married AF!


Whether or not you are one of my engaged couples, this article gives you the inside scoop on what I always preach. If you are one of my couples, welcome back! Some of this might sound familiar FYI but will be a good refresher. These six little things can make a major impact in ensuring you have the BEST DAY EVER!!!!

Now, I want to say this before we get in too deep; these tips 100% translates over any kind of wedding you are planning- elopement, courthouse, big wedding, intimate wedding, backyard wedding, daytime wedding- you name it, you've got it. If you include these tips and keep them in mind while planning, and it will make a difference in your one day for YEARS to come. I pinky promise! I've said them before, I will say them again and I hope you take advice from this gal whose photographed literally over 100 weddings. These things WILL make a difference!

Oh, one last thing, if you like what you read, spread it around like wildfire. Share with friends and comment below! And, if you're so inclined, check out to see if I have your date available ;) I'm a pretty cool chick who makes sure her couples have a stress-free beautiful day filled with love and laughter.

OKAY! Ready, set GO!!

Prepare for the "Best Day Ever" with these 6 tips

(written by a wedding photographer)

ONE: Take the time to hand write a letter to your fiance(e) for the morning of your wedding

This little thing which is virtually free will start the day just absolutely perfect. You don't have to include a giant expensive gift, or anything over the top, just some words to exchange between you and your fiance on how much your wedding day means to you, how you can't wait to FINALLY be married, and what you're looking forward to (even if it's french fries after the ceremony). I once had a couple where the groom wrote a straight-from-the-heart note and included some of his bride's favorite items- a can of Pringles, new socks, and a potato (inside joke I guess!). I just have to say, from that little gift, she had tears FLOWING down her face like a waterfall. It was a small gift- maybe $5-$10? and heartfelt words that got her SO ready to get down the aisle!

PRO TIP: Don't open the gift until your photographer is there to catch some genuine reactions! <3

TWO: The night before, organize where your shoes, accessories, boutineers, flowers, etc are so your photographer doesn't have to ask you 1000 questions upon arrival

I'm not going to lie, when I get to the room you're staying in and you're in the middle of getting pampered, I HATE asking where your rings, shoes, etc are because I know it might put you through a panic of SHIT WHERE IS IT?! and I am not a fan of stress on a wedding day. So! If you put all your items you want photographed in a room you don't mind me sprucing up as need be (pillows fluffed, making bed, moving bags and such) it makes my life and your life so much easier! If you want to take this a step further, pack yourself an emergency bag the night before that has dancing shoes, band-aids, bobby pins, safety pins, etc that you will grab on your way out the door. OR! If you have me as your photographer, We've got that all on hand- besides your shoes- in our fanny pack <3 You're welcome!

THREE: Make a bomb playlist that gets you PUMPED while getting ready

There's nothing quite as wonderful as a group of people vibing HARD to a song while preparing for an important day. the energy is always high, people are feeling good, and the music is just letting all fear and anxiety drift away. In the wonderful words of Taylor Swift- Shake it off, sh-sh-shake it off- aww aww awhhh

FOUR: Give your vendors the name and number of your go-to person to take questions on your wedding day, and TURN OFF YOUR PHONE.

After all the hard work you put into planning your day, thinking about it over and over, making sure you have everything packed and ready, and all paid for, you deserve to now just enjoy it! Grab one of your bridal party members, or one of your parents or close friends (someone you whole heartedly trust) and go over the details of the day thoroughly. Then, email your vendors your appointed person so if they have questions the day of the wedding, they can contact someone- but just not you. Or, keep your phone on but give it to your appointed person. Regardless of whatever, don't look or touch your phone. You deserve to, and should be in the present moment soaking in this wonderful day you call your wedding <3

FIVE: Yes, have a receiving line (as much as you don't want to)

Of course, you can do whatever you want, but in my personal experience, having a receiving line gives you time to say hello to all the guests without taking up most of your reception/dancing time. And as a former bride, we elected NOT to do a receiving line, and we regretted it big time because we feel like we weren't able to greet and say hello to everyone who made it. Yes, I know they're a pain, but really they take only 30 mins TOPS and when it comes time to entrances, dinner, and dancing (if you're having a big thing) then you don't have to stop at every table. Everyone has already been greeted! You're good to just have fun! Even if you're having a small dinner- still do a receiving line. Your guests will feel appreciated, and you'll feel relieved that you can just relax from there on out and dance the night away.

SIX: Schedule time in your night to take sunset/twilight photos, and take time to soak in all the wonderfulness of your wedding with your new husband/wife

Honest truth? Your wedding day will be the quickest day of your life. You will be pulled in every other direction by people who want to say hello, getting ready for events, and so forth, and you'll barely have time to soak it in that, yes- real life- you're MARRIED! So, I always suggest planning for a sunset or nighttime photo session after the first dances (if you're doing that) or even after dinner where you can escape the chaos and get a few photos of the post-wedding jitters with your new spouse. Not to mention I like to add a little specialness for my couples by bringing colored smoke bombs, sparklers, adding in stars post-production, or popping a bottle of champagne. We capture some photos, then give you the remaining time as a little alone time- come back in after spending a little time together :)

And that's it! You made it to the end! Remember, this wedding is all about you and what you're comfortable with, and I promise these 6 tiny things will help make the day SO much more enjoyable!

If you found these tips useful or had a "why didn't I think of that!" moment, please share and comment below to share the wealth with others!

Until next time!


Erika @ It Clicks Photo

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