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Mr + Mrs Burres

I've been keeping up with my blog making it interesting and fresh, and this one is definitely going to follow suit!

On August 1st, 2020 I had my first wedding back after the entire world shut down and quarantined in their homes for weeks on end. I wasn't sure if this year was going to have any weddings for It Clicks after February 21st, to be honest, but I kept my heart and ears open for my couples by rolling with the punches if they decided to postpone, lending advice or suggestions if they weren't sure what to do, and taking all the necessary precautions if they decided to keep their original date.

My second, Sara and I had no idea how weddings were going to look during a pandemic, but we were eager and ready to make it the best day ever, as always, for our couple ESPECIALLY after they've been in the weeds with planning and adjusting their wedding day around COVID-19 to make it happen.

The venue:

The Grande Belle, 15009 Holly Hills Dr. Holly, MI

Holy SMOKES this place was insanely beautiful! The bridal suite looked like something that belonged in a Victorian powder room. The main part of the venue had a massive rustic chandelier, and giant barn doors. Truly a stunning venue with rustic wood flooring, and charming wood walls. We were in awe!

The Bride- Jenna:

What a beautiful person inside and out with her cute little giggles. She is the person you meet and immediately think- let's grab a drink sometime! She is kind, generous, and thoughtful. The way her bridesmaids were surrounding her with unlimited amounts of love, you can tell she's your go-to gal.

The Groom- Cory:

The quiet "man of few words" guy. He reminds me a lot of my brother, Dana where he doesn't say much, but when he does, it's usually a joke or a chuckle. I admire that about him. And luckily, with how outgoing Jenna is, he can stay exactly the way he is- after all that's all anyone would ever want, right?

The Bridal Party:

Slightly loud, severely fun, and ultra kind. We had a blast with everyone and I felt wayyy honored to help when it came to us moving the ceremony indoors. You all were a tiny village getting Jenna down the aisle, and making sure the party, although socially distanced, was still just as wild and outrageous (in a good way!!)

All in all, seeing these two enjoy their night with friends and family, COVID or not, was JUST what we needed. I've been missing these Summer weekends chasing people around, corralling family for their photos, and capturing all the teeny tiny details that are just so utterly gorgeous. Thank you Mr + Mrs Burres for having us as your photographer <3

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