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Mr. + Mrs. Bittner

Christian (or Chris) and Natasha (or Tasha) have been our friends for years! They are generous, kind, and loving people who have a heart the size of Jupiter. And luckily for us and all their other friends, they decided to tie the knot (hooray!) during a pandemic (boo!!)

But all joking aside, their wedding day was ridiculously gorgeous. It rained during the ceremony which set such a mood- it was incredible. We danced by the water- super beautiful, and it was the first time friends and family came back together-safely- and had the best time ever. We all needed it, truly we did.

Natalie, the Maid of Honor put in words PERFECTLY about this wonderful couple, and she let me snag a copy for the blog (thank you peach!! You're the BEST!!)

"Hello everyone, my name is Natalie Trondle… I’m Natasha’s MOH tonight – I’m so honored.

First of all I’d just like to say how beautiful this wedding is. There was so much work that went into this and it’s just beautiful, everyone has done such a lovely job. You guys are so lucky to have each other, and this many people who care about you and want to see you guys succeed.

I’ve known Natasha for a long time. We became friends in High School, I was in her first jewelry class … look where that brought her! What an amazing artist. That’s obviously one of my favorite things about her. Best part of having a Natasha as a best friend?? Umm, all of the jewelry… I’m just kidding guys, I also have some of her woodwork, GOD. [pause for laughter] Seriously - Other than her talent, I love her kindness- at the drop of a hat, she’ll drop everything to go above and beyond for her friends and family. She ALWAYS wants to help, and she loves it. She LOVES taking care of people. Natasha can’t even get a gift for someone without telling them what it is first – it’s so exciting for her to make others happy, that she just can’t hold it in. I’ve literally never been surprised… I don’t even know why you wrap anything.


…. she loves music, and having fun - she’s always down to clown, she loves their dog Raymond… and she loves Chris.

Now This guy can be the real strong silent type at times… until you get to know him! I’ve traveled far and wide with these two for music festivals – I’m talkin’, across the country – and let me tell you, Chris can really cut a rug… Like I don’t know if you guys know this… Like he is absolutely crazy on the dance floor. I love this about him.


…. He also loves music, and having fun, and is …. Mostly down to clown, he also loves their dog Raymond …. And he loves Natasha.


Now, what LIKE about them, is that They show up for each other, they’re mostly patient with each other, they learn from each other. They travel together, and they grow together.

But what I LOVE about them, is that they know how to keep each other in the moment. Chris can be a worrier, and stress about work and the future, and Natasha stresses about crazy things that she makes up in her head all the time – but they both pull each other back into the moment. I think that’s powerful. There’s so much going on right now. I mean, what a time to be alive. It’s so easy to get swept up by all of the craziness.

So lets be like Chris and Natasha. Let’s focus on this moment right now, with each other.

Look at Bride and Groom – they look amazing tonight. Natasha you are a vision, and Chris look at your dapper suit. Look around you at this beautiful reception. Look at this night, feel at this weather, put your feet in the water… Look at the people at your table, such great company. It truly is a beautiful celebration of love. Smell the air tonight, have a cocktail, cut a rug (wink at couple), and stay in the moment tonight like Chris and Natasha. May there be many more beautiful moments in life for you to cherish together. I’m so honored to be up here tonight, and I wish you all of the best from the bottom of my heart and beyond.

Ladies and Gents, please raise your glass for a toast to the new Mr. and Mrs. Bittner.


Drop a comment of your favorite memory if you were so lucky to of attended their wedding :)

That's it for now!



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