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Kas + Matt: Chicago, IL

We hit it off immediately! But that's no surprise. Kasandra's bestie, Clara is my friend, and when Kas was asking around for wedding photographers, Clara brought up my name!

We had a phone consultation, and what started as wedding talk turned into friend chatter. I was geeked to know that the venue for Kas + Matt's wedding was at Salvage One. I had never been, only looked it up, and after talking on the phone about it, I knew it was totally right up my alley. I am a huuuge mid century modern lover, like- seriously 95% of our house is furniture from the 1940s-70s, and hearing that Salvage One is a vintage market where you can actually buy anything you see there totally and completely lit me up (and made me a bit nervous that I would give in to a big ticket item by being around it alll day long. Spoiler Alert, that luckily didn't happen- haha! No room for it in the Honda Fit!)

Kas made an incredibly beautiful bride in her sleek silk gown-- for real, not many people could pull that off, I know I certainly could NOT but she rocked it and looked like a glowing goddess.

There's something about simple elegance that is truly beautiful, and I feel like we got a good balance of that, and the gorgeous mismatching furniture and wildflowers. No detail was overlooked, from the bowties each groomsmen was wearing to match the person they were walking down with, to the bride's INCREDIBLE chunky heel shoes, to the telephone guest book, everything was absolutely perfect.

We had a stunnning first look at the ceremony location, and Matt was totally shocked when his groomsman, John Fisher, was first look #1. Lots of laughs were shared. Going through and editing what his reaction was from Sara's camera was great. I was like, "Awww poor guy, he really thought he was about to see Kas!"

Buuuut when Kas + Matt did have their first look FOR REAL- it was so heartfelt and amazing. Those two are like peanut butter and jelly. I am just SO happy for them <3


We didn't want to do the traditional posing, so I logged onto good ole' Pinterest and found some super fun prompt ideas to recreate. I would say it was a total success.

A little hit of confusion happened when the bridal party all came down the aisle, and Matt still wasn't at the alter. Then, I saw Kas + Matt GLOWING as they made their way down the aisle, arm in arm, and I can honestly say I've never saw that before, but I am HERE for it, and loved loved looooved it.

The energy at this wedding was EVERYTHING! Each person in the bridal party was extremely fun and outgoing, and the bride and groom totally in the present moment soaking up all that goodness.

When we were done photographing, we packed up our gear and joined everyone on the dance floor to jam out to the best new rock songs, like Mr. Brightside by The Killers, and totally getting buck with Get Low by Lil Jon and the East Side Boyz

Honestly, this is a wedding going down in the books for being totally original, untraditionally unique, and over-the-top fun! Here's a few more goodies I want to include in this recap of Kas + Matt's Wedding :) I hope you enjoyed! Subscribe to see more weddings photographed by It Clicks!

(psssst... and if you're an engaged couple still looking for your photogs, drop us a line here and see if we have your date open!)

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So much freaking fun!!!!!!

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