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Kara + Mike: A Detroit Centered Engagement Shoot

As they say "In unexpected places, you'll find love" and this is most definitely not limited to Twitter. You wouldn't believe how many couples I have met over the past 8 years who found their perfect match via Online. And Kara + Mike are added onto that list, however- their love is literally the most precious and adorable of all.

Kara reached out to me after seeing my profile on The Knot. I could feel her excitement in her message, and- although it was a Monday night at 7:35PM (and I was supposed to be off the clock- sorry not sorry to myself lol) I replied back. Guys, I literally cannot even describe how adorable they are. The 3rd email she sent back to me that night was this:

"Thank you!!! It is incredible, we are so very lucky! I would love to book an engagement shoot with you! We are so excited to have found someone who is SO genuine! August is perfect, what weekends do you have open?"

Finally, my fear of having too many exclamation marks in an email went away seeing Kara emails the way I do. Being on the other end of a highly exclaimed email solidifies that it shows the real excitement- THANK. GOD!

So a few days after our initial ramble back and forth, we hopped on a phone call to go over a little timeline for their engagement shoot. They let me know how much Detroit means to them, is the foundation of their relationship, and how their first few dates were among the buildings!

As we anxiously waited for 3 months to pass, we FINALLY got to shooting day- HOORAY!! We went all over the place- from the Riverwalk, to Greektown, to Tigers Stadium, and finally landing at Z Lot (a photog's favorite) for an incredible sunset and a cool skyline.

Take-aways from their shoot:

- Kara + Mike are adorably obsessed with one another (in a really good way)

- They might be the most upbeat + positive people I've ever met

- They're DEFINITELY excited for their May 2022 wedding!!

- Secretly, I think they are professional models.

- Never doubt chemistry. These two are FULL of it!

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Erika Stewart
Erika Stewart
Aug 14, 2020

Thank you Colby!!!


Colby Clements
Colby Clements
Aug 14, 2020

The photos are absolutely stunning! And they are such an adorable looking couple! I obviously don’t know them, but Kara looks beautiful and they definitely look like professional models! Plus I LOVE her outfits! Great job as usual Erika!

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