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Goodbye, 2022- Helllloooo 2023!

WOW! This past year has been a fun, fun ride. I remember back when I first started It Clicks, I would always do a run-down of how many shoots I did of each category to see the progress and evolution of clients and I haven't done that in quite some time. .. hmm..

Please hold- I'm going to go and count.


10 brand sessions

55 commercial shoots

11 engagement shoots

15 content shoots

49 lifestyle sessions

4 interview freebies

14 weddings

OKAY-FOR REAL WOW. 154 sessions happened in 2022, and we got everything photographed, edited, and delivered before the New Year- I AM SO HONORED AND EXTREMELY GRATEFUL.

Reflecting on this past year, the biggest take-away 2022 gave me was it is more than okay to be yourself. I did a lot of developmental work breaking down barriers of being too much or not enough, or being too bubbly, or happy, or into astrology, the stars, the Universe and coincidences- those are all things so true in my heart and finally FINALLY this year I shook a lot of limiting things free so I can be a fuller, more present photographer to really soak up those darling little moments, read those unspoken energies during our time together we love and cherish so much and should be caught in photos.

I feel grateful because everyone who had invested in me in turn invested in my healing journey.. something I never would of thought would be possible. The day it was so confirming to me that being myself and showing that more through the site would be when I revamped everything, and published it before Thanksgiving. That next week, I had two perfect ideal clients reach out for their 2023 wedding and booked me. Let that be a sign for you to have permission to let yourself truly shine, and shine as bright as humanly possible.

There's still a ton of work I need to do, for sure. But! The work I have accomplished is no small feat!

So here's to 2023- more meaningful relationships formed with all my couples and families, more books to read than I can even imagine, and more time to soak in all the good this world has to offer.

What is your New Years Resolution? I'd love to hear it!!



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