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Business Spotlight: Confident Beauty with Tiff

From the minute I met Tiffany, I noticed her warmth and her bubbly personality- she was someone I would 100% be comfortable talking to, and barely knew her!

But that is the type of person Tiffany is- she oozes kindness and support, and she is someone you want to be around. She has a calming demeanor, a bright smile, and you can tell when you're talking, she is truly listening!

I was so excited to hear she wanted to be a part of the mini-interviews and get to know her better and how she started Confident Beauty with Tiff!!

It's amazing hearing from a kickass mom on how she does it all. As you know, we don't have kids- but that very well could change in the near future. These interviews, especially Tiffany's, help me prepare on how to NOT lose yourself. We both are such empaths who feel deeply, so our conversation we had about making people- specifically entrepreneurial women- feel good was so mutual. Just remember that the things we see on social media aren't all sunshine and rainbows, but a place where we can escape the chaos of the day- that is so extremely important. Hearing from another creative being that brought a good reminder to myself- we all don't have it figured out, but dang it- we certainly can be proud of the things we have accomplished and should share that celebratory wins with the world. After all, having a focus on that positive light is so extremely important- THAT settled into my heart after talking with Tiff <3

This interview is a good listen for all the mommas out there! Ugh- I mean, listening back to it is giving me goosebumps all over again. So without further ado- go listen to our conversation here:

Thank you so much Tiffany for being a part of our Business Spotlight!! You are such an inspiration, a ray of light, and a genuine powerhouse!

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