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All Shades of Blue- The Christies

Growing up in the small, small town of Algonac, you come to realize pretty quickly that the entire city and surrounding areas is centered around the water. It is a huge boating community, and it is quite amazing to think everyone is connected through a (literal) fluid element. When I first talked to Nicole about her wedding on Harsen's Island at The Old Club, I knew it was going to be two things: 1.) Include boating and the water 2.) Be literally out of this world gorgeous. Both of those things held ridiculously true.

We feel honored to of captured all wedding things for Nicole and James, from their bridal shower to their rehearsal, and the full wedding day- it was quite the treat to really get to know their friends, family, and their beautiful relationship.

*I would like to start by backing up to the night before during their rehearsal*

Walking into The Old Club's hotel to meet the couple, the hallways were lined with BUCKETS of blue hydrangeas- quite possibly the most beautiful thing I have seen, and totally set the vibe right out the gate. Rumor has it there were over 2,000 stems purchased for their wedding day, and there they all were- hanging out in this 1920's coastal and cozy hotel right on the water.

Their wedding rehearsal was actually on Nicole's birthday too! What a flipping treat- to have a nice meal with your closest people the day before your wedding and having everyone in the hotel with you!? I can't imagine a better way to start your next trip around the sun than that.

SO- wedding day- I was EAGERRRR to get there... so was Sara- this was her dream venue that she has been manifesting since day one on It Clicks team. We were greeted with cheery bridesmaids buzzing around, and Nicole finishing up her make-up, which gave us the perfect amount of time to photograph her details, the grounds, and her dresssss!!! OOOHHH HER DRESS!!!

Once she was ready and we got Nicole in her gown, we had a first look with the bridesmaids before she had her first look with James. It was so cute; one of her flower girls, Penny, was bug-eyed on how beautiful Nicole looked! I live for moments like those.

Nicole + James' first look is exactly what I had imagined. Tender, caring, and totally in a world of their own as they soaked in the moment "holy crap, it's our wedding day." We took a bit of time here and went on a boat ride (or two) for the most incredible shots!

It was just about time for the ceremony, so we snagged a few more photos of the bridal party, and N+J, then got everyone lined up to start on time.

(^Peep the tears; so so sweet)

Immediately following their ceremony, we did a reception reveal to check it out before the guests were allowed in. This let N+J see their wedding day all together before anyone made it messy. 10/10 would certainly recommend!

Afterwards, we had quite a few photos to take: With family, with bridal party, at cocktail hour and with the newly weds. We went to work!

As the sun went down, everyone was called inside to start the reception festivities. I absolutely loved how we had the bride and groom facing the MOH/ Best Man for their toasts because we were able to get most guests in the background. Another 10/10 recommend!

After dinner, we had the first dance, and as a surprise to Nicole, James sang her a song before opening up the dance floor- so so sweet!

Suuuuuch a sweet night for an incredible couple! Congratulations Mr + Mrs Christie! If you want to see more from their beautiful day, stay tuned for their wedding feature- coming soon to the site!

Until next time



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