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A few notes on lifestyle head shot sessions (and what the heck that actually means)

A few notes on lifestyle head shot sessions (and what the heck that actually means)

By Erika Stewart

Gah- business head shots... am I right? They can seem so forced and feel unnatural that it is only common to absolutely despise how they turned out regardless of they technically look. Why is it that us humans can hate a photo of ourselves that some people compliment? We look alright, we are dressed nicely, but we just don't like it. Why??

We all have heard it before- a picture is worth 1,000 words. Really, it should read a picture is worth 1,000 memories. Every photograph brings you back to a time and place in your life- be it good (or sometimes bad) we revisit the emotions and maybe even some anxieties from that photo.

Think about it for a second- when you hear the words "Head Shot Photo," what do you think of?

Solid backgrounds.. Smiling.. professional attire.. Bright lights.. 10-20 seconds of photographing? Maybe you are transported back to senior photos? But here's where you can defeat all that thought about those kinds of head shots, and the stiffness.

Lifestyle head shot sessions are a lot more relaxed and flexible to bring forth your inner self, and capture your true emotions. These sessions are still based around the "same" principle of getting an image that well represents you- but it represents more than just the physical you- it represents the personality-you as well, your "you-niqueness" (if you will).

This helps your business because your clients will see something more than a still image- they will see someone who is personable, welcoming, and someone they want to be around. They will connect you and associate you with something and someone more down-to-earth and REAL which will take the pressure of approaching you OFF them.

The best part- you will love your photos as well because it now takes you to a time where you were able to feel a little more relaxed and having more control/direction of what you want to portray to your clients.

When I book a lifestyle head shot shoot, I get to know my "subject"-- that's you!-- to the core. I want to know your favorite shows, places to eat, things to do, your hobbies, what fires you up, and why you even started your business (or in your industry). All the goodness jammed in one session will have your photos seeping with your personality, potential clients will feel like they know you. Better yet, they will be like your "oldest clients" who can't wait to share your biz with their friends and family because their ______ (hairdresser, accountant, favorite artist-- whatever you do! ) also likes the same thing they like, and they think that is toooo cool!

THAT'S why having a lifestyle head shot is so utterly important and why the traditional head shots are fading. In the day and age where technology is so readily available to everyone, people want to know more about you and your personal stories to feel connected to you. This will help!

So, how does It Clicks go about these lifestyle shoots and make them super fun and important? Well, after I get to know you, we make your shoot into a day of you! The best part- You're doing it for your business!! So you are working and having a blast! Win-win!! I want you to feel your absolute best, which is why I treat you like a celebrity by having someone come and pick you up (thank you Uber/Lyft!!) and make sure you get your drink- whether its coffee or champagne. I have you extend the invite to your friends/family to join- more cheering means more confidence- and I virtually help you prior to the shoot pick out your best outfits. I'll direct you and be playing your music while it's all happening. Then, I'll call you a ride to get you back home and get editing to craft magic. I mean seriously, doesn't that sound SO MUCH more fun than in-studio head shots?? No brainer over here!

So moral of the story- make sure with your lifestyle head shot shoots you have fun. The day of vibe= your feelings about the images you receive back (and this goes for literally every photo in your life. Be in the right mode, and you'll love your images). Make sure you hire a pro that cares about the deep down emotion of it all, not just the exterior of the photos. And ditch those stale photos and upgrade to a lifestyle head shot shoot with your favorite photog ;)

If you found this article fun, please share with your friends and family! If you now want to book a lifestyle head shot with me, email me!! I'd be thrilled to capture you- the true you!!

XO for now,


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