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Mini creations: How do we do it?

Ever wonder how in the heck we come up with our next mini location, idea, or concept? Yeah- sometimes I do, too.

I curse social media up and down most days for distracting me and totally sucking hours out of my life (it's a bad habit I think most people can relate to, and I am most certainly working on it by taking mandatory days off at least once a month.. honestly I should do it once a week- it would be better.. but I digress). BUT when it comes to creative juices and getting them flowing, a lot of inspiration comes from there.

I am not typically a person who likes to make her shoots super kitchy and extremely themed, like having a complete Easter directed photo shoot, but I certainly love celebrating the seasons and all the delightful memories and feelings they bring. I guess the only time I really get holiday oriented is for Christmas, and even then, it's decorated minimally, and I kind of avoid red and green colors.

Take, for example, our April mini (on the 16th and 17th)- I wanted to do something to celebrate the coming of fresh things- flowers, air, grass, that good ole' sunshine, but being in Michigan, I know I cannot rely on flowers being up (maybe like, a FEW lillies, but that's about it), nor nice weather to be outside in a park, and I certainly didn't want to just have a bouquet of flowers to be in the cold, or rain, or whatever mother nature is feeling that day. BUT dang it we DESERVE to get ready, to have our spring renewal and totally start manifesting this winter weather OUT. I wanted to create something that inspired everyone for the warmth, and give you all an opportunity to renew your photos from fall or winter to LIFE and color and light.

In comes Instagram and this noticeable perspective shift influencers are including to historic homes, DIYs, and things that feel just a little more soft and playful. I wanted to incorporate a few of these elements without going overboard, and still give the above feeling as well. It made me think back to this shoot I did in 2019 with MGDY in a old historic home in Detroit, and having our model, Kazmira pose on a wooden ladder.

I just remember getting this shot and being so in love with the mix of this soft dress, and paint splotched ladder, but it felt like spring to me- a moment that has been renting space in my mind all these years later, and I feel so lucky and excited to bring this creation to life for everyone, mixing the soft and feminine with the statement and masculine all in one frame. And it's all being done- for you- to get incredible photographs to refresh the home with new photos of your kids, or photos of you and your partner, or just for fun because you deserve it.

Once I got this crazy concoction going in my mind, I turned to Pinterest to see what I can find to bring what I have in my head into yours so you can see the vision. Here are the photos I found the best exemplify what I am going to achieve during your shoot.


Planning shoots like these allow be to flex my creative muscle, and it always just feels SO good to offer them to you.

As a reminder, these shoots are only $220, in St Clair Shores, and are 20 minutes long with unlimited edits back. They are open to brands, and also to lifestyle sessions (couples, families, maternity, kiddos- you name it).

If you're interested in selecting a mini for this set, head to this site to claim your space! After you do, an agreement will be emailed to you, along with where you can make your $110 deposit. That's it!

I reallllly cannot wait for these, and to see you there! It certainly is going to be a crazy beautiful shoot to bring in that spring frenzy feeling.



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