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Micro Wedding Delight

Michelle + Ross skipped the big wedding to keep theirs super intimate with family, and soak up all the loving goodness with their tiny bunch.

When I first talked to Michelle, she asked right off the get-go if we cover micro weddings. I told her YESSS of course! This is a thing that became more prominent when 'Vid rolled around, and honestly I am glad it had stuck.

Don't get me wrong- I looove a big wedding, but when it comes to your wedding day, you should do it however feels right and seems fitting to you.

What's great about micro weddings? You still can do whatever traditions you'd like. Again, there is no right or wrong way to tie the knot.

Some people get a little nervous being in front of a crowd, or like to keep their affection private so it is more special to them, and I think that is absolutely beautiful!

Michelle wanted to make the day extra special, and got a convertible Lexus as their getaway vehicle, and Ross lovvvved it. How stinking cool!

Because their celebration was beautiful, low-key, and intimate, I found the use of B+W photos totally fitting. I love when we have a good B+W series <3

What do you think about micro weddings?

Until next time!



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