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Business Spotlight with Honey + Home

Brandi Bowman and I crossed paths while doing a self-development course called, Level Up. We both were called to do the same round at the same time, and the synergy we found was amazing!

When I started to offer the mini's, I was hoping she would be on board, and of course she was!! We met at The Raven to grab a coffee and talk about business, and the first half hour we got caught up talking about everything but!

It was soooo nice to get to know this incredible woman before diving into her business. As a fellow fire sign, I can see her passion behind her work.

Who knows what the future will hold for It Clicks and Honey+Home. A collaboration? Maybe, but only time will tell!

Check out our interview and hear all about the wonderful home decor and hand-poured candles. Brandi recently released my personal favorite- astrology collection, and the cutest cutting boards I ever did see!

Interview is here:

Head to her website at to see her must-have items for the house, her gifting items, and definitely do yourself a favor and get one of those delicious candles! You won't regret it.

You can also follow Brandi at @honeyandhomellc and

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