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Business Highlight: Arnold Fitness

Anastasia Arnold is a bad ass woman who moved to the US from Russia when she was only a teenager. She is a self-proclaimed "book nerd," and loves reading about-- well everything! She is based here in Newport, RI helping people all over get back into shape and creating a healthier lifestyle for them.

But that is not where her fitness journey began, "Back then I never knew that you can be dissatisfied with your body and I was so far from striving for personal records. I was simply curious to see what my body could do and the process of moving. While it was challenging, it left me wanting more, and I was hooked.

Years later after every possible diet was tested out, pounds gained and lost, and gained again, an eating disorder defeated, and injuries healed, I was still desperate to find the whys and hows of being effortlessly year-round fit and healthy. Only after going deep into studying the bases of anatomy, physiology and training systems could I come up with methods that finally brought me much coveted changes."

With the pandemic and the shut-down of gyms, Anastasia did not stop helping her clients. She moved to an online platform and an app to help her clients with personalized workouts they can do at home, help with nutrition, and decision making. She totally rolled with the punches and made adjustments to make sure her mission of working through all the roadblocks, put in some quality work and get those bodies in shape and health kept going and kept serving her clients.

And now with technology + apps- she can do so where ever with her app. It's like having a fitness trainer is always in your pocket. She is helping people around the globe! Pretty kick butt if you as me!

If you're interested in sticking to your New Years Resolution and truly making 2021 your year no matter of the pandemic, or any future curve balls, reach out to Anastasia! She offers free zoom consultations to new clients to ensure your goals are understood and can be met.

That's it this time!



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