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Welcome to Wonder Workshop!


You have NO idea how big of a deal it is that you are here. For you, for your business, for your overall growth. You should be extremely proud that you've considered joining one of the upcoming workshops.

If you have been waiting for the moment to spend time with professional peers after a year plush hunkered indoors, then you are in the right place!  I will be convening women who live their passion of capturing images and who want to level up on those skills.  I am offering a special limited space opportunity for women photographers to invest in their professional growth and have a little 'me time' to boot.  Below you will find these special workshops filled with skill building fun and self-care relaxation.  What better way to get your creative flow going, right?  We will take some down time to up our skills.  It will be a gathering of kindred spirits who will leave with new friendships.  If you have been standing by with a digit on a device looking for a way to get out of Detroit (or Providence or Manchester or you name it) to be a part of something beautiful, this will be the perfect opportunity for you!  A small group of sister creative wonders will meet  to make art and take care.  You are an artist and live your passion everyday with your business, so why not hone that craft and try out some new ways to capture beauty and then have a group of gals to talk about it with at the end of the day?  Not only will we zero in on your technical game, we will also release your curiosity about how to reflect and then capture.  Perhaps this pandemic has dried up those creative juices. Well, Wonder Workshops will pull you out of that creative rut because we will be hanging out with Mother Nature and with each other.  There is nothing like collaboration and think of it as a girl's weekend times ten.  We will have fun and we will get down to business helping you build your talent, taking it to the next level of creative goodness.  Your client's will love your newly acquired creative flair, too! Think about surprising each one with an artistic direction they didn't see coming and fall madly in love with you and your photography.

Wonder Workshops are made for:

The female photographer who wants to be more connected.

- connected to her fellow photographers

- connected to her models

- connected to herself

- connected to nature

Someone who isn't afraid of taking chances.

- photographing outside their comfort zone

- learning new techniques

-asking questions


Someone a little adventurous.

- yoga stretches and meditation in the morning

- hiking, beach days, or biking

- horseback riding, hot air balloons

-bonfire evenings


Someone who wants to grow.

-their community

-their business

-their portfolio

-their skills

-their spirit

-their dreams

Before we adventure off:

I wanted to warn you that these retreats aren't just for growth in your business- but rather growth spiritually, mentally, and personally. I am a STRONG believer in Girl Power, and you may ride that wave home. You should expect to create a community amongst other photographers, feel confident in yourself, and have new content to share with your audience.

During each retreat, we hold space for personal growth in the morning and yoga, reflection and gratitude at nights, along with bonding time together.

There will be open sessions every day to ask questions, have one on one time with the lead photographers, help directing and moving the models about the frame,and learning about light + shadows, and their dynamic relationship.

If you're that person, then you've come to the right place!

Wonder Workshops 2021

**All COVID-19 protocols will be followed. See details in each retreat for more info**

July 7-9



Lodging, yoga, kayaks, 4 styled sessions, + tons more

August 10th-12th


New Hampshire

Lodging, horses, 4 styled sessions, + tons more

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  • Wakefield, Rhode Island

  •    Tel: 586-615-8697

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