Welcome to...

Wonder Workshops!

If you are...

The female photographer who wants to be more connected.

- connected to her fellow photographers

- connected to her models

- connected to herself

- connected to nature

Someone who isn't afraid of taking chances.

- photographing outside their comfort zone

- learning new techniques

-asking questions


Someone who wants to grow.

-their community

-their business

-their portfolio

-their skills

-their spirit

-their dreams

then you're in the right place!

...A little terminology to get you where ya want to go!


Retreats run the course of 2 nights, 3 days. We learn so much and shoot a TON of content in that time frame. You will come home with a new support team, a new portfolio with DREAM work, and certainly a new group of friends who just GET it. This isn't your average retreat- it is wayy more fun creating content with likeminded sisters in a gorgeous location.

Content Days

Content days are shoots that are about 2-4 hours long. They are commonly found with 3 other photographers alongside you. Take a peep below for upcoming shoots coming near you. Subscribe to the newsletter to always be in the loop of upcoming styled shoots!

Upcoming Photographer


Before we adventure off:

I wanted to warn you that these retreats aren't just for growth in your business- but rather growth spiritually, mentally, and personally. I am a STRONG believer in Girl Power, and you may ride that wave home. You should expect to create a community amongst other photographers, feel confident in yourself, and have new content to share with your audience.

During each retreat, we hold space for personal growth + yoga in the mornings, and reflection + gratitude at nights, along with bonding time together.

There will be open sessions every day to ask questions, have one on one time with the lead photographers, help directing and moving the models about the frame,and learning about light + shadows, and their dynamic relationship.

**All COVID-19 protocols will be followed. See details in each retreat for more info**

July 7th-9th, 2021



Lodging, yoga, vineyard, 3 styled sessions, + tons more

August 10th-12th, 2021


New Hampshire

Lodging, horses, 3 styled sessions, + tons more

Content Days

See below upcoming content days! Each shoot is only open to 4 photographers MAX shooting alongside Erika Stewart (me!)

We will take turns leading and directing the models and taking the prime shooting spot.

Like the retreats, we are all about community, NOT competition. Be kind, be helpful, and be creative. Any negative behavior will not be tolerated.

Select what content shoot speaks most to you. More information will then be sent to you!

Book quickly before the spots fill up!


Ann Arbor, MI

June 11th, 2021 5:30p-7:30p

Historic Greenhouse modern vibe meets editorial attire. 




Waterford, CT

Date: TBD

Beautiful Garden + Mansion near the sea- uh hello perfection.



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