Transplanted to Providence, Rhode island

We made it! We successful moved from Detroit, MI to Providence, RI!

I remember back in October 2018, my husband, Trevor, and I had a difficult conversation about moving. We had only been in our gorgeous Mid Century Modern home for a year and a half, and he was contacted by a recruiter in Chicago about a job opening.

(our house <3 )

Like the good man he is, he consulted me before emailing them back because we are a team. As much as this would effect his life, it would also effect mine.

I remember standing in our kitchen on the verge of tears explaining how Chicago didn't feel like home. I remember saying how I wouldn't want to sell our house to go there because I had a deep down gut feeling we would not enjoy it there. I started to explain how if we rented the house.. which then was interrupted by full blown tears.

If you know me, you know it takes a whole lot for me to actually cry! Teary eyed, choked up- sure happens often. Heck! Every wedding I shoot I get all teary eyed and emotional. But I have yet fully cried (I'm sure with time and getting older, that will change.. Between you and me, I am becoming a little bit of a sap).

He instantly said "Nope, I will reject the opportunity. We have to be on board together with this and if Chicago isn't the place for you, it isn't the place for me."

MY. MAN! <3 <3

A few months went by, including a full kitchen renovation, and another opportunity arose. This one was in Memphis, Tennessee. Again, Trevor asked me about it, and this gut feeling was more certain- I can do Memphis. I told him to go for it! Let's start looking for a new job out of Michigan!

The job fell through, but we kept going. I'm a strong believer when one door closes another one opens. You just have to let go and let the universe do it's thing to find your right place.

Each night, I would make dinner, we would eat, and Trevor would hop on his computer looking at new listings for Industrial Designer jobs.

One night, he was at the breakfast bar, and I was hanging out on our blue curved couch. He got excited!

"Erika! There's a posting for Rhode Island."

I perked up! My heart started to race- Rhode Island?! Oh my gosh! That sounds wonderful! Let's look into it!

Side note: If a friend were to describe Trevor to a stranger in just a few words, they would be Craft Beer and Techno music. Our house had an entire set up in the basement with his mixer, 4-5 large speakers, laser lights, a pool table, dart board, and a card table. Oh, and obviously a dance floor. My husband LOVES his techno and house music- and he has totally converted me to it as well. The bass, the high hats, and texture. It's so good!

WELL- he opened the listing description and started reading it.

"Looking for an Industrial designer with 5+ years experience to join our team at Numark... a bit about the company... we work on DJ mixers and equipment... applicant must have a team ethic as we work with engineers... having 5+ years of experience DJing is a plus."

My jaw hit the ground. I'm pretty sure I stood up at that point and started excitedly say (probably more like excitedly scream) "THIS JOB WAS MADE FOR YOU!!!"

He had a few other interviews, but when push came to shove, I knew the job in Rhode Island had to be the one. It would be the one that would give him so much joy that he would essentially float home!

So it was a no-brainer. We packed up everything on December 28th, Started the move on December 29th, and finally got to our loft on December 30th- just in time to unpack a little and enjoy the New Year with our parents.

It just goes to show- although you might want to give up and just call it quits, listen to that little voice that tells you "keep going!"

Your right place is out there- it might take a whole heck of a lot of effort- it might take months to find the right thing- I mean, it took us about 7 months to find the right job for Trevor- but never ever give up.

All the crap you go through are just life lessons. The bad, the ugly, the no-good situations have a hidden message. Look for it, and keep going.

With Love from Providence,

Erika @ It Clicks Photo

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