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Updated: Apr 14, 2020

Oh man, this blog is coming straight from my heart to you.

You know, this morning, I had no motivation to write. I didn't know what to say, I was having major major cramps, feeling anxious and doubtful of myself, and had zero energy.

The saying "waking up on the wrong side of the bed"?-- yeah, that was me. Not that I was cranky or mad or anything, but rather my body just felt awful, my head was pounding, and I felt like working was NOT an option. I took a shower and ate breakfast thinking it would help, but it wasn't. I felt drained.

We have all been there, guaranteed- but we push on. Ends up- with a shitty day, we become counterproductive, bump other people with our negative energy, maybe causing fights or disagreements, and for some, have a little mental breakdown at the end of the day.

And part of all that, I think we all forget we are not machines. We are human. We have complicated emotions and amazing brains. And it's okay to need to take a mental break every now and again. It is okay to feel all those emotions.

I am lucky to solely be self-employed, but it wasn't always like that. In the past few months, I've be learning so much about meditation, resting, and being creative- it seems insane I lived way differently before.

We were taught early on that even if you're tired, don't give up, and I think a lot of us processed that "don't give up" part as - even if you're stressed and tired and need a break you, don't deserve one if you really want this thing. Keep pushing yourself.

So, We get caught up in the hype and fastness of business and tasks, life, and changing trends that we stop listening to our bodies- until our minds FORCE us to stay home and slow down. I mean, think about it?

It always seems when you have a business trip or big project due - anything that is major stress - you tend to get sick. We get lost in the deadlines, in things we need to pack and prepare, in daily stress- cleaning, laundry, dinner, grocery shopping, taking care of your pets/kids, etc, the stress of not disappointing a client or our bosses, the stress of checking social media and updating everyone. Commenting on posts your tagged in and keeping up with the news, trying to hold a social life with friends, dinner and drinks, and spending too much money- and the stress that comes with that. We are majorly working on overdrive without even blinking twice and wondering why we are so exhausted and feeling like crap.

So today, despite needing to write a blog, creating content, making flat lay images and editing them, getting emails ready to send out and doing B-school and worksheets involved, I stopped. I was not in the right mind space and I knew if I forced myself to be creative that it would be "blah" work that I later would regret, re-shoot and feel mad at myself that I didn't take the time to let the process happen.

I said outloud- I think I just need to go back to sleep and I'll feel better in an hour. Trevor- God bless that man- agreed. He literally tucked me back in, let the dog come up to snuggle me (THAT NEVER HAPPENS!!) and kept his music low so I could drift off.

I was able to reset and recharge back to a place where creativity could flow out, mental blocks would fall, and all the fog in my mind would turn back to clarity.

Now, I know we all aren't able to just "take a nap" when we want to- we are on a work schedule and we need to go in because if we don't we will get written up or worse, lose our job.

But hear me out- on days you drag yourself to work because you don't want to be there or you're stressed and you feel like you have a million things you need to do at home, do yourself a favor.

First and foremost, celebrate you were able to get ready and got to work all while you're mind was telling you "this is pointless." You are doing great! Set intention to your day.

Bring a packed lunch, and during break, go to a park and eat. Ditch your phone (or keep it put away) and just observe the weather, the people passing by, and let go of all the stress. If you don't have a park close by or it's raining, then go somewhere quiet and read a little from your favorite book while snacking. Grab your favorite coffee/ herbal tea/ latte, and listen to the noise in a coffee house. Find peace in those crazy noises. Take the time you need to just reconnect with yourself. Don't check your social media, and get swept away into all the stress, mindless scrolling, and news- put on a timer on when you need to be back and just let your mind reset a bit.

During the day when you're in-between tasks and you have 5-10 minutes, instead of going on your phone or searching for ideas for personal projects, try closing your eyes and focus on your breathing. Clear your head. Put on your favorite calming music, set a timer, and just give yourself a tiny break.

When you're walking from appointment to appointment, focus on your breathing and let your mind clear of all the hustle.

You might think this all sounds irresponsible, or sounds like a good idea, but definitely not feasible, challenge yourself. You don't have to do it all, but at least take one tiny step to give your mind the break it needs and yearns for. You'll feel better, and you might start implementing these things everyday, and overall you might notice a change in how you carry yourself, and how you deal with the work day and life stress. Your mood will be boosted, your tiredness will start to disappear, and you will be looking at life in a lighter way.

So my challenge to you is find the peaceful moments in your hectic crazy life. I hope this helps and I hope with the quarantine you're able to rest, starting a journal of your creative ideas for when this clears, and you're able to get more in-tuned with yourself. Start doing these things NOW so when we get back to "normal" life, it will follow you. Self reflecting can be a scary, dangerous territory, but it is something we need to do DAILY. Not monthly, nor weekly, daily. But that's another discussion for another day.

Sending you all the good vibes today :)



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