Nomadic Roots

Hey everyone!

Erika here, with It Clicks Photo- and I want to share with you a little more of a personal blog today about being called to do something- and that something for me is becoming a little more nomadic.

What does that mean exactly? Well, a nomad is a person who does not stay long in the same place; a wanderer.

Honestly, most (if not all) heritages can be traced to nomadic tendencies where you travel with the seasons in search of water, food, and livestock- but for me (and us) it's more of a search for adventure.

Since (at least) 2013, I've had this dream of traveling the USA and documenting the way of life in each state, and the natural beauty found. I feel although our title has "United States," we are far from that (whole different topic for a whole different time). Honestly, before I met Trevor, I would find myself online for countless hours looking for a Vanagon van, or any Westfalia vans. This has been an itch for quite some time needing to be scratched.

This week marked the 4 year anniversary where my husband (then boyfriend) and I bought our short bus, Brick. We had big plans for the bus and we dove right in on making moves. Here's the post I put on Facebook once we got our $500 bus home:

"When Trevor and I first met, we talked about how he saw a bus and how he wanted to look at it, but didn't and I told him he was insane for not purchasing it. Last weekend, while up north, Trevor and I stopped to look at that very same bus which was still for sale. We looked at each other and knew we needed it. He asked me Tuesday if we were really going to do it. I said we could wait a few weeks- he then smiled, and asked me to jump. "If we are going to do it, then let's do it this weekend." Some of you may know this, many of you don't, but I've been dreaming for 4-5 years of traveling; just a pre-grad from GVSU who wanted to take her camera and document the states. We have spent the last 4 days plotting and planning and figuring everything out. Well, last night Trevor and I bought our short bus, "Brick." It took us 3 tries and over 13 hours to get Brick and get Brick home (we literally just got home) but man, did we create one hell of a story in the process. Trevor said it best on our way here "that was our first conversation and now here we are buying that same exact bus. How crazy is that?" I'm so glad I've found my adventure bud, my go-getter, and most importantly, the person who not only supports my dreams but fights for them to come true." - July 23rd, '16

Our idea wasn't to live full time in the bus, but rather use it on the weekends to travel about. We started a Pinterest board sharing ideas on how to design the inside, talked late into the evening about how the layout should be, and overall just built our relationship VIA a short bus

You can imagine how disappointed we were when we found out the frame was extremely rusted- almost rusted all the way through. We stopped working on the bus immediately, and tried to seek out answers.

We were at a crossroads. While trying to find a solution, Trevor was driving at least 2 hours every day to work (rush hour was awful where we were) and we spent most of our time in a different town completely. So we had a decision to make- keep the bus, try to fix the rust and frame and spend most of our future down payment on something merely for the weekends- or sell the bus and our house, and move to a new town and purchase a new home. We knew what choice we had to make.

We sold our bus. Ultimately, I look back on that decision and knew it was the best one for us. Our intuition told us to let go, and to move elsewhere- which we did (and thank goodness because a few months after moving, MAJOR construction happened right on Trevors route to work- he would of had a 3 or 4 hour drive every day- yikes!!)

I want to just share something really quickly- moving has always been hard for me. For whatever reason, I develop emotional attachments to homes. I mean, most people do- you have memories, renovations, and it's your safety, right? It wasn't until recently that I had an "ah-ha!" moment. These materialistic things; a car, a bus, a house, furniture- although it matters- if they are things that hold back your personal growth, then the attachment is too much. These things that are merely just THINGS should not hold you back from doing adventurous journeys your heart desires.

I don't know where we are going- currently we are in Rhode Island, but I know great adventures (even if it's on the weekends) are waiting for Trevor and I!

Comment below what adventures you're looking forward!



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