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HOW TO: Prep for a Branding Shoot

Updated: Aug 3, 2022

Finally, booking your branding shoot might hit you with a wave of emotions- from feeling super excited you're finally doing it to the crash of- "Oh crap, what do I even need to make this successfully happen?"

Luckily, you've landed on this blog and can feel ready to bring on your shoot like the BADDIE you are.

So let's begin with what even is a branding shoot?

It is a session specifically centered around photographs you can use for your business. Unlike commercial shoots where it is product photography + "professional" headshots, they have a flair of lifestyle "candid"ness to them. The photos produced in branding shoots help your audience connect to you through this warm + friendly type of shoot. It is a relaxed, fun time to exemplify to your audience who they will be working with when they contact your business, what your personality is through a series + through outfit options, and what core values you hold in your heart.

Let's dive in.

1) Core Values. First thing is first, identify your core values of who you + your business truly are deep down. This might seem a little backwards, but I promise starting here will help with outfit picking and styling.

For example, my core values are these 5 things; Mindful, vibrant, brave, heartfelt, and bubbly.

I would say these adjectives describe me + It Clicks super well, and it is something I want to relay to my customers when doing a branding shoot, or putting any content onto my social platforms.

I can comfortably say while looking at this list of 5 things, my style of being a little preppy, colorful and vintage all aligns. Being able to pick outfits for my shoot keeping my core values in mind helps- majorly.

2) Go through what you own. Block out 1-2 hours on a day one week before your shoot to go through your closet. See what you already have in there that you love, that aligns with your core values, and the things that make you feel GOOD- not good like sweatpants and a sweatshirt- but those "happy" pieces, as my friend Shawn likes to call them.

This may look like a chaotic mess and a pile ontop of your bed, but I promise, it is worth it. This is best done if you have littles after their bedtime, or while they're away at school, a friends house, or ask your partner to keep them entertained for a little bit. No distractions is best so you can get into the flow of it.

DOUBLE DOG DARE YA: I dare you to pick the items that have a bold pattern, color, or sharpness to it that you can't wear every day, but wish you could!

3) Mix and match your clothing items. Give yourself a little fashion show and see what you're loving on. This might sound silly, but totally take selfies of each outfit so you can know what combo you wanted to do, and also see it in a photograph and decide if you love it enough for the shoot.

HINT: It is always a good thing to have one or two staple pieces, such as a great pair of jeans, your best tank for under items, and an awesome jean jacket or cardigan just in case the day of comes and you change your mind, or if we think something needs to tone down a smidge. I will 10000% support you and your choices- you can bank on that! I tend to be a hype girl, just ask around haha! And if there is something not reading great on the camera, I will let you know. These extra pieces will help.

Don't think each outfit needs to be completely different from the last. For example, when I did my recent shoot, I had on the same pair of jeans for 3 of the 5 looks and just switched out my tops, my accessories, and shoes. I just love those jeans so much and they feel and look great, so I didn't think it was totally necessary to have a different pair on for each outfit change. If you feel as though you should, that's totally up to you- but if you're feeling the way I do, just know you're not alone.

4) Lay out your combos and start matching accessories. This doesn't mean just earrings, necklaces, and/or bracelets, this means notebooks, pens, coffee mugs, allll the things you find yourself using in your daily business routine. Trust us when we say these things matter. We will help you pose with them to feel natural, business oriented, but not stiff. We're all about the good feel-y movement photos- sometimes we just need a prop or two.

PROP TIP: If you have an empty phone case laying around, bring that too. With It Clicks, we always have the option of helping you record reels and Tiktoks, and we do so on YOUR phone so! If you have a phone case in your hand, you can act like it is your own phone.

5) See what's missing. If something is missing from your wardrobe, like a pair of shoes, or a belt, do a little online shopping. If you're able to find the product at a local store, commit to getting it the next day when you have time to run to the store. Better yet, I am a huge fan of ordering online and picking up in store next day. Saves on searching for the item, and from someone else snagging the last one!

Honest to goodness, I don't think it's necessary to do a total wardrobe overhaul for your shoot. The things in your closet, especially the ones that have been around and the "tried and true" items are going to be our best bet because you know how it fits, how it lays, and how it will look. However if you do decide to buy a few new items, wear it before the shoot and feel how it lays on your body, again- take some selfies, and check yourself out multiple times in the day. If you love it and how it fits on your body throughout the day, then it is in! If it feels a little off and you're pulling at it, then ditch it. It is not the thing you need this time around.

6) PACK!! Pack everything at the very least 24 hours prior to the shoot. This way you are not scrambling to get out the door and you forget something. There's nothing worse than feeling like you forgot something, heading out the door and then mid-driving, it hits you.

Prevent that feeling- pack in advanced.

And that's it! Be on the look-out for our next blog, how to prep the night before your shoot on things you should do to make your skin look it's best for your photo shoot!

We are so excited to announce that with the upcoming Mini branding shoot in March, we have on location hair and make-up available for you along with a body posing coach! So honestly, packing is the only stressful thing you need to worry about. We've got you covered the rest of the way!

To check time and date availability for the shoot happening in Detroit on Sunday, March 27th, feel free to email me at

Branding shoots don't have to be so nerve wrecking when you have the right team on your side!

Until next time!



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