Hayley Richardson: New York City

Growing up, we were always so close to family. I mean, my grandparents literally lived 2 blocks from my parent's house, and they had a giant garden we all ate from, a pool we spent all of summer next to, their house was the only one with air conditioning so often my brothers, cousins, and myself would spend the night there on hot nights, every holiday we gathered there- etc! Seriously, because they were so close, we would often ride our bikes and roller blade there to just turn around in their driveway and see my grandpa in the garage- just to get a friendly wave. The ice freeze pops remind me of those summers, and they were the absolute best years of my childhood.

So it's no wonder that when my cousin Hayley was born (I was 10) I couldn't wait for her to grow up to show her the loops of Grandma and Grandpa Richardson's house.

Seeing her now following her dreams as a model is so inspiring. The girl is going places! I feel so lucky that our paths are linear, and we can help one another. It's like back in our childhood- show each other our favorite parts of grandma + grandpa's house. She's ridiculously beautiful- inside and out, has a heart of gold, will help out any friend, and overall a very genuine lady. She's real close to my parents, and because of that, I see her more as a little sister.

When she mentioned she was going to be in New York for a shoot just 1 month after I moved to the East Coast, I told her I would come and hang with her being I'm only 4 hours away! She not only said "that would be awesome!" but she also invited me to bring my camera as well.

Here's what we created in a short 1 hr time (after figuring out the dumb subway haha)

Love you Hay



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