Be True, Be You- Calling All Spontaneous Couples!

Fun, open and energetic- those are the type of couples I love photographing! Why? Well, because I know our shoot will be anything but ordinary, and I know if I throw out some ridiculous idea, they are the type of people totally ready to go with the flow. Does this sound like you? Keep reading if it does!

(^Real bride + groom, Jenna + Cory- their wedding is August 1st 2020, and it's a go!)

I've always found my engaged couples personal stories are far more interesting than all the nitty-gritty details of their wedding (as in decor, themes, etc) BECAUSE I can't wait to get to know you and see how you put your personal love story back into your wedding. PLUS! When we get to your completely free~ engagement shoot, we can do something so completely you that it will feel a little more natural, it will convey who you are as a couple, and heck- the photos will be stellar!

Don't get me wrong, I love a pretty field like everyone else- I mean, I am posting how much I love poppy fields on Instagram later today, but I don't think your entire shoot should be just pretty flowers and fields-- unless you own a greenhouse- then we are totally taking photos in there 1000%

I love movement, laughter, and genuine-looking photos where it looks like I just followed you on your latest adventure, I had you dress just the tiniest bit nicer, and took photos along the way!

Getting to know you and your relationship- down to the core of what you like to do for fun, what you do on rainy days, how you met, what your ideal vacation spot looks like, etc FILLS my heart with adventure, ideas, and creativity. I love meeting new people, being a part of their journey, making a little timeline that is going to be a good time, and ensuring they feel comfortable.

No joke, here is the link to my Myers-Briggs personality test (I've taken soooo many of these over the years as a bridal specialist at the wedding shoppe, but I find this one to be SO accurate- like when you read a review about yourself, and you get little butterflies in your stomach- yep! That's what happened when I was reviewing my results)

So please, be true and be you every day of your life, and especially when you're in front of the lens. I promise although my ideas sound a little "out there"- they will turn out incredible and your shoot will be one you won't forget!

Those are my thoughts for this week's blog! I hope we can work together soon! Please feel free to email me with any questions, comments, or booking inquiries! Thanks!!



~free engagement shoots apply to couples who have booked a wedding with me :) however, I take on all couples regardless if they already have a wedding photographer or not!

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