5 Processes Product Photographers Help With

(hint: it has a whole lot more than just the quality of photographs)

1- Collaboration

Sometimes we think about the solution for so long we no longer even remember what the goal is any more. Collaborating with someone helps bring fresh ideas to the table and streamline the steps that need to happen to make it to the "finish line."

2- Outsider view on your product

Have you ever looked at a word for so long, it no longer looks like a word? And you literally have to ask someone "is this spelled right?"

Similar situation here. Us humans are NOTORIOUS for overthinking the simplistic things. Not saying all products are simplistic (hello- vacuum cleaners, Kitchen-aid Mixers? Not simplistic. Many features- can be complicated at times), however you may need a reminder on why your offering rocks.

3- Details you may have missed/ forgot about

This sort of goes hand-in-hand with the point above, but it has to do with your actual product. There are times when a product becomes so well known that the "features" don't feel like features anymore, but a given on the product. For example- a silly example- but nonetheless an example. My husband and I make breakfast every morning. Usually I will take care of the toast/bagels and coffee- he on eggs and turkey bacon. One day, he made everything for us (my hero!) and was looking at the toaster and was suddenly in awe "WHOA! There's a bagel setting on here?"

When we are too close to something and it becomes our every day, the little things are missed. The same thing is true for your product until someone else examines it and has new eyes on the features and qualities.

4- Another take on your ICA

ICA= Ideal client avatar. Who are you selling to? What do they like to do? What do they do for work? Where do they live? Etc (x30) When you tap into your psyche of who you want using/buying your product, there is so much to think about. Typically, your ICA is someone similar to you, but not in every case.

Keeping an open mind about how someone else interprets your ICA is very important and bring up questions otherwise wouldn't be asked.

5- Enjoyin' the process so much more

Photo shoot day is my absolute favorite for more reasons than creating. It is the day we get to take all our ideas, thoughts, and hopes out there are start collaborating hands on. It is also so cool to see the business owner (that's you) get excited when things come together even BEFORE it's completely together. Straight up, it is a high vibe environment where all the good feels fill the room.

It's nice to know you don't have to fuss over the editing, shooting, getting the right depth of field, right color balance and details. You just hand over the work and enjoy the creating part of it. What could possibly be better than that?


In all, hire the pro (me!) and keep your stress at bay. Photography is important- for your website, for your social media, to communicate to clients, and to explain. Don't fret over the process and take it on by yourself. Get an outsider view and have a real collaborative, deep dive into your product and make it the most successful. It will be money well spent.

That's all for now!



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