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For the fun

and  spontaneous

Love is love in my book. And the way you choose to celebrate it is 100%

the correct way- Elopement, micro wedding, or a giant wedding- when it

comes down to it, there's no wrong answer.






Okay, first off- Congrat-u-freaking-LATIONS!!! How exciting is

it to find your person- the real deal, shotgun riding best friend

you get to annoy for the rest of your life?! (In case you can't

tell, love makes me into an even bigger nerd than I already am.)

Currently, I am only taking twelve weddings each year to keep

myself recharged, focused, and all-in when it comes to your big

day. We will become best friends instantly. Yes I will bustle your

train(s) and/or pin your boutineers. I will make sure we stop at Taco Bell on

our way to the reception because in your average day-to-day, tacos are LIFE.

During our shoot, I'm going to have you spin, jump, swing, dip, climb a mountain, take a quick dip and a whole bunch of other things (as long as you're up to it). Why? Because movement and laughter is everything. I want to create those authentic photos for you so you can remember just how fun your wedding day was. AND  when it comes to editing, I make sure your finest details are captured just the way they are with the truest of colors- because years down the road you won't completely remember if your flowers were blush or tan. I'll help refresh your memory by using full, true to tone color.

No matter if this is your first time approaching a photographer, or if you have a spreadsheet of questions- I am always happy to help in any way shape or form!


Hey, I'm Erika! 

Want to see more photos? Head over to Pixiesetto see full wedding albums!


Whimsy engagement shoots are totally my jam! Let's go on an adventure- go for a hike, go bowling, hang at the arcade, etc etc etc. Engagement shoots are *just* as important as wedding photography.

I love customizing the shoot to my couples to make it totally something out of this world. We have a little more freedom to move about and to eat messy food, so let's take full advantage of it!

This is, after all, practice for your wedding day and getting comfortable in front of the camera. Best way to do that is to have an authentic day date with your #1 and let me tag along.

No idea what to do? No worries- I got you! And regardless if your shoot is included in your wedding package, or if you still want engagements done because I'm unavailable for your date- one thing is for sure- you can consider your shoot just a day out with your two best friends.


Family is everything- whether it is your chosen family, or God given- the people you consider family are so extremely important. Personally, I think the moments that are most beautiful are the ones where you are able to just relax and enjoy each other's company.

I love recreating those moments for families; from learning and playing in flower gardens, to making s'mores around the fire, and staying in having tiny popcorn fights in the living room. THESE are the moments that mean the absolute most and I'd be honored to help you capture it.

Every now and again, I will have a photo shoot idea I want to create and I am looking for the perfect family to join in. Subscribe to my newsletter and be on the look out for those creative tidbits to pop up. You never know when the right one fits in with your lifestyle!

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So Friendly & so good!

Erika put myself and my husband at ease with every phone call and the day of our wedding, and captured the most incredible pictures we could have ever hoped for! When we had to change her timing for the day a week out, it wasn't an issue at all, and with on and off rain and cold wind she made sure to work around the weather and find amazing places indoors and out for us to take all our pictures. Her and her assistant Sara so obviously love what they're doing, and we were so lucky to have them with us on our special day. I can't recommend Erika and It Clicks enough!

Kristina Bronstein - Real Bride Nov 2nd, 2019

Amazing! Best person and photographer ever!

It Clicks and Erika with her amazing assistant Sara were perfect for our wedding!!! We seriously can not thank you enough!! She made sure that everything ran smoothly and that I had no stress at all even when I knew we were running late she just kept saying "we've got plenty of time." Her creativity shows through her photos and interaction with every guest!! I have been to plenty of weddings and have seen photographers stick out like sore thumbs. NOT Erika!! Her and Sara were pure NINJAS!!

Alyssa Phelps- Real Bride Sept 27th, 2019

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