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Commercial [kəˈmərSHəl]



1. concerned with or engaged in commerce.

2. making or intended to make a profit.

for your business, you must...

          Post on IG/FB 2-3 times a day

          Keep up with the trends

          Make a weekly newsletter

          Keep your employees happy

          Update your website

          Keep a clean and fresh storefront

          Go to Networking events

          Paperwork, new products, etc

So, let me get this straight.

On top of taking care of your home, mental & Physical health, social life, ETC.


... and some days you just want to throw your hat In.

Maybe take one thing off that giant  list- taking your own photos! Save yourself 7-14 hours each week.


But don't worry, I know having a commercial business is so much more than trying to keep up on your to-do list and making profit- it is your lifeline. It is your access to the world, and your way to shape the world around you, whether your business is a product or a service.

The thing people forget is what makes a business so different and unique ---> and that's YOU!

No one anywhere in the Universe will have the same life experiences, outward projection, personality, AND business interests as you, so why should you let your photographer treat you like you do?

I want to learn all about the things you care about and  hear of your journey.

Let's collaborate together and connect your ideal client and community deeply to your brand.


Getting started is not only SO easy... it's FREE!

[ and who doesn't love free?]

Like I said up there ^^, I want to know about what you do and why you do it before we even talk about anything else. Why? Because you, ya cutie bug, matter:

You are a magnificent wonderful human tackling your dreams, and I want to make sure I can do everything in my power to make the imagery process so smooth and perfect it's like you developed the 10+ years experience of photography overnight and you did the shoot yourself.

R e a l t o r s ! This one's for you!

Sooooo... What now?

E v e r y o n e  e l s e

E i t h e r . . .

Schedule a date and time for a contact-less pick-up of your products. When I receive your request, I will call you to go over the details, achievements for the shoot, and collaborate a few ideas. Along with the consultation, we will set the same-day drop off time to ensure it is something that works for you. This is the perfect option for someone who is ultra busy and needs the images STAT! It is also perfect during this quarantine time.

O R !

Send an email with the days of the week you're able to have a FREE beverage with your pal, Erika

Drink said coffee/tea/cocktail and enjoy an hour of  rambling about your hopes and dreams for your biz


Here's where the fun begins- It Clicks will start to brainstorm on how to bring your dreams to reality

1-2 days later, see photo examples, ideas, props, textures, etc that have been thought of for your shoot. Pick your favorites, save the rest for later

Shooting day is scheduled, along with everything we need (models, spaces, you name it- we will book it.


if we can use the community (whether it's your customers, family, or friends) YOU get a little discount!

I love when we can use our locals #community>competition

Photo day! Photo day!! Please feel free to be at the shoot- it's encouraged. Wear your favorite outfit, too!

Editing begins, numerous cups of coffee are consumed, and your images get the facelift and tweaking it needs!

Depending on the size of your shoot, your photos can take 4-10 days in editing. You will receive updates along the way!

V i o l a !

The day you've been waiting for- your photos are ready for sharing! An email will be sent to you for instant download and usage of your new photos! You post the images, clients love your product/service, they hire you/purchase your merch, and you sit atop a rainbow! GO YOU!

Businesses we loved helping

Modkraft logo.jpg
Stacked Girl Logo RESIZED.jpg
Screen Shot 2020-05-14 at 9.15.32 AM.png

Valentine's Distilling Co.

BLUMZ by JR Design

Wachler's Estate Jewelry

AMD Landscaping


Bowlero Lanes and Lounge

The Lafayette Grand

Kasai Thrive


Re/Max Showcase Homes

Cruise Planners

Along with...

Tiffany Elie Make-up Artistry


Shop Studio Detroit

[Your Business Here]

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Whatcha waitin' for? Go ahead and get that free coffee!

Let's make imagery magic For your business
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