b r a n d i n g

p h o t o g r a p h y

In today's world with Instagram, Facebook, and your online presence being extremely prominent, your imagery is everything. But one thing we didn't think would be as important as the products or services we offer and sell- what we do on our "off" hours.

Clients now (more than ever) are not only concerned with how their product and/or service is delivered and made- but rather curious on who/where their money is going. They want to have a stronger bond and connection to the small businesses and entrepreneurs they are supporting, and the one way to create that solid foundation- imagery.


Branding Photography is all about your presence.

Ohhhh yes, you heard that right. It's all about you. The off-hours you. Who are you spending time with? How do you like to style yourself? Do you read? Do you love night life or more of an early bird? Your audience and future clients want to know you just as much as they want to know your products and services. They want to feel a connection to you and know that by purchasing from you, they are investing in you and what you stand for.

Mallory + Jeremiah Campbell are huge in the mental health and wellness world where they create weekly podcasts about growth. Their own businesses are inspiring to others helping them become who they want to be physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Mallory + Jeremiah Campbell
Level Up + Destined To Be

Samara Kasai with Kasai thrive is an incredible person who ditched the classroom to follow their passion of becoming a transformative coach. They are guided spiritually and emotionally, and spending time with them is absolutely a treat. We met through Instagram, and set up a meet + greet walking around in Boston to make sure we were a good match. When it came to photo shoot day, they felt comfortable enough to be their true self in front of the lens.

Samara Kasai
Kasai Thrive

Anastasia Arnold with Arnold Fitness is a personal trainer living in Newport, RI who values her time at the beach, reading books, and taking it easy. Her overall style feels nostalgic, feminine, pink hues, and bright whites.

We wanted to make sure we added those tiny touches to her photos she will intertwine with her gym content to keep her audience engaged and scrolling.

Anastasia Arnold

Fitness coaching

Not entirely sure where to start?

Most people don't.

And that's alright!


60 minute on- location* shoot. 2 outfit changes + BTS video, or 3 outfit changes. Online gallery access to download, share, + print


* at your storefront or outdoors. Add-on rental option


Get Started

Head over to inquire, and send me a message. Don't hold back- tell me all about you, your business, and the client you are connecting with. I will get back to you for the next step



Whether it is in person or virtually, we will talk all about your brand, your ideal imagery, and what you are looking for in photography. We will then brainstorm ideas, outfits, and book your shoot.


Photo Shoot

On the day of your shoot, you are encouraged to be completely yourself- silly and serious. I will gently direct you with things to do when you get stuck, and be sure to hit all "must have" photos. My associate, Sara will tag along so we can snag a bunch of BTS videos for you to use later on your IG story, reels, tiktok- you name it, you'll have it!



Edits will take anywhere from 1-3 weeks. Once they are complete, I will set up a reveal date! I want to be able to deliver your images and explain how you can best use them!

Branding Clients


"If you’re looking for an unforgettable, well-organized, and creative shoot- Erika is your girl! She takes all of the guesswork out of planning for your photoshoot- every detail is carefully thought through from outfit planning to location to parking and timeline.”


It’s a 10/10 experience every time!


"I had an absolutely wonderful experience with Erika! I was self-conscious and shy with posing in the beginning and appreciated that Erika knew how to get me going and helped me with posing tricks. I’m so happy ItClicked with Erika and me. Thank you for being professional, patient, and easygoing with me!”


Over 200 photos in 2 hours, all are stunning


"Couldn't ask for more! As a person who wasn't used to having my photos taken, I felt great about working with Erika! She totally put me at ease and made the whole experience fun.”


Great memories and great photos